thoughts on community: foosball and nocturnal vigilantism

Will’s P.O.V

Things I learned this episode:

  • Troy and Abed LOVE that damn elevator music from the Halloween episode.
  • Annie has always been the most driven character but now she has prove3n to be the most manipulative. Love it.
  • Knowing that Shirley is good at something other than getting on my nerves makes me like her…slightly.
  • Now with Nick Kroll (The League) being addicted to football, futbol, and Foosball I fear that he has been typecast.
  • Foosball should never be so intense…unless there is a Dragonball Z/Boondocks inspired insertion, because that would be/was AWESOME
  • I want to walk around with two friends and a soccer ball so I can reenact a swinging Foosball kick.
  • Even when Abed talks like Christian Bale in Batman I get annoyed.
  • “Big Cheddar” is a horrible nickname.
  • Maybe Shirley and Jeff’s new found “best friend” -ship will make her more relevant to me…maybe.
  • Can I get some more Pierce love. PLEASE!

Nicole’s P.O.V

Things I loved about this episode:

  • Troy getting excited at the thought of an animal hospital, until Abed noted that the animals are the patients.
  • Ruxin!
  • Britta’s exploding phone.
  • Troy humming Abed’s song from Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps. Continuity!
  • Annie’s Christian Bale voice.
  • Yet another legendary Troy freak out.
  • Leonard’s frozen pizza review.
  • Shelly and Jeff interacting. However, in terms of intensity: air hockey > foosball
  • Real life foosball is awesome. Thank you foreigners.
  • Young Shirley is Darryl’s daughter.
  • Annie is a dedicated liar.
  • Dragon Ball Z-esque showdown between Shirley and Jeff? Community REALLY knows their fan base.
  • There weren’t any overly cheesy group scenes.


Women’s shoes? Rick doesn’t have a wife. Or women’s feet?” – Troy

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on community: foosball and nocturnal vigilantism

  1. […] thoughts on community: foosball and nocturnal vigilantism […]

  2. I loved that cat/mouse animal in the screaming shot. Hilarious parody! Good job, Community!

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