thoughts on it’s always sunny: thunder gun express

Nicole’s P.O.V.

I was hoping the ticking countdown would bring out everyone’s best/worst traits. I wanted some frantic Dee and a conniving Dennis, with some scheming Charlie thrown in as well. My hopes and dreams for this episode weren’t too far off. So in addition to the overall style of the episode, here are my other favorite moments:

  • Dennis’ suggestion that if they got split up they should “yell over everybody to each other until they get annoyed with us and just switch.” See? Conniving.
  • Thunder gun is most definitely a verb now. Sorry Dennis.
  • Big Mac trying to get in the sewer. Big Mac yelling, “We’ll come back for yoooooouuuuuu.” Big Mac trying to steal the motorcycle. Big Mac asking, “Who’s the brown girl?” Pretty much Big Mac for the duration of the episode.
  • If there was ever any doubt, Dennis is truly a sociopath. The kind that drives around with a briefcase full of tapes from his conquests. I would have guessed there would be more tapes, but maybe those are just his personal favorites.
  • Frank stealing the boat and essentially providing a highlight reel of IASIP’s best episodes.
  • Charlie as the brains and the only one who never got left behind.
  • Queen Dee and the wall of water….that we didn’t see, but I really wish we could have.
  • Frank ruining the gang’s efforts by calling in a bomb threat.

Will’s P.O.V.


When action meets Sunny you get betrayal, a countdown clock, bomb threats, “brown” girls, sewage, and some theater loving. Count me in! My favorite moments:

  • Does anyone ever notice how frequently all the employees of Paddy’s just up and leaves the bar unattended…in the middle of the day?!
  • Even though he may sound like a crazed lunatic – and he is – Charlie gives the best advice. You’re welcome Dee.
  • I LOVED that Frank took us down memory lane during his tour takeover.
  • Dennis keeping cassettes of women he had sex with in his car is admirable. If you’re that proud of your lunacy then more power to you my friend.
  • Why was it so easy for Frank to steal that boat? And when did he lean how to drive one?
  • I’m DEFINITELY verbing “Thunder Gun” in my word repertoire.


*Refer to everything Frank said during his River Tour Takeover.



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