thoughts on parks and recreation: the trial of leslie knope

Comedies shouldn’t make you cry. The whole point of watching them is for the humor and LOL moments, but Parks and Recreation, similar to my other favorite NBC comedy (Community), isn’t just funny. When you fall in love with a show that makes you care about the characters, you have to accept that sometimes heart is more important than humor. So with that in mind, here are my favorite parts of ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’:

  • Ron Swanson reacting to his newfound understanding of how invasive the Internet is by trashing his computer.
  • The Lil’ Sebastian present Ben got for Leslie, but NBC, there’s a time and place for shamelessly promoting your store. That wasn’t it!
  • Chris fighting depression with tons of herbs and vitamins. That bag was huge…too much healthy has to be a little unhealthy, right?
  • I broke one rule and I will accept a slap on the wrist, but when you sit back ad let your reputation be destroyed, you go down in history as a frozen whore. I’m fighting.” Leslie illustrating that heart I mentioned earlier.
  • Leslie’s iMovie announcement that she and Ben had finally hooked up.
  • April and Andy as character witnesses.
  • Khakis and buttondown shorts. Your basic white people clothes.” Donna should have more lines.
  • Ron smelling sulfur coming off of Tammy 2.
  • Former (and current?) Pawnee laws: black people can’t use city sidewalks, all sex positions are prohibited and chicks who laugh are witches.
  • Ben is the antithesis to “chivalry is dead”. I’m a little giddy to see their love flourish outside the confines of sneaking around. Plus, Tom and Ann have shown us that the show can handle characters that don’t work for the PandR department.
  • Ethel, the whole episode.
  • Poor Jerry Gary.


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