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This show keeps heating up and just when you think things are going to go one way it makes a sharp left turn and derails all your predictions. There were a lot of new developments in the past few episodes and they’re all coming to a head. The girl Emily switched identities with is sticking around and taking on the life that Emily probably should’ve stuck with, instead of this road of Revenge. Not that I’m complaining, since this makes for a much better show.

Master Satoshi and Emily

Last week we met Master Satoshi, her apparent trainer on this path for Revenge. This week we got to see a little of his training as he and Emily fought atop a cliff and he preached to her about the task ahead. If we really take a look at it, not much has been done in the form of taking out her enemies since the therapist. Frank, though on the list and taken out, was disposed of by Amanda Clarke, and not in an Emily approved way. Not gonna lie I’m a little disappointed by that one, I think an Emily/Frank showdown would’ve been interesting. So her Master is right to point her ahead in the task. She’s slowed down to deal with complications and it’s time to pick up speed again, especially since we’re nearing the end of the summer and the place the show started.

Nolan and Tyler

Tyler, ever the complication, is becoming even more ruthless. And I’m still a little confused by his actions. Remember that time when he put Daniel to bed, after drugging him, and it looked like he tried to kiss Daniel? What was the purpose of that? I thought, in that moment, that Tyler’s games were all to win Daniel over, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Tyler has his sights set on Grayson Global and large chunks of money, not Daniel Grayson and his smoking hot bod. And more confusing than that, he wants Ashley to be a part of this. Seriously Tyler, aren’t you gay? Or is Ashley another pawn? You’re confusing me! But I guess that’s what the writers what: constant confusion that will keep us tuned in. And then Tyler appeared to be falling for Nolan, or Nolan appeared to be falling for Tyler and then that got screwed up because the Hooker felt betrayed….are we serious about this? So anyway, Tyler lost his deal with Nolan Ross because of the sex tape that Emily told Daniel about, but kept his job because he figured out the David Clarke scam. Well played Tyler. Unfortunately for Emily, Tyler’s going to be sticking around. However, oddly enough, they’re kind of on the same side, though they don’t know it.

Amanda and Emily

Emily is trying to keep Amanda Clarke under control, while letting her feel like she has free rein. It’s a tricky balance with Amanda, but Emily seems to have a good feel for it. She gives Amanda a notebook that has the secrets to her past with Jack. But I’m pretty sure at some point the memories will be false and Amanda will be exposed as a fraud. For now though Emily has to get her to trust the notebook. Emily also introduced Amanda to Daniel, which of course means that eventually Queen Victoria will know Amanda Clarke is in the vicinity. Emily just has to be patient, but not for long, because Queen Victoria overhears Daniel mention Amanda Clarke on the phone. You could almost see the wheels turning in Queen Victoria’s head.

Queen Victoria and King Conrad’s union is coming to an end. King Conrad has filed for divorce and the lawyer he sought out for counsel turned him down, favoring Queen Victoria instead.  That lawyer is the same one who cancelled David Clarke’s appeal and is going to be Emily’s next victim. Looks like Queen Victoria is going to have to look for a lawyer pretty soon.

At Master Satoshi’s urging and abandonment, Emily is getting back on task. Though she lost Nolan, her only ally, she’ll carry on and probably succeed. If we hadn’t already seen a glimpse of the future in the first episode I’d wager that Nolan would be back on Emily’s side soon enough, but it looks like it might take some time for Nolan to return. Only time will tell.

Dramatically Ominous Quotes

One thing you can count on; I never forget.” -Emily

True loyalty takes years to build and only seconds to destroy.” -Emily

Her voice-overs are just full of wisdom!

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