thoughts on parks and recreation: citizen knope

This wasn’t my favorite Parks and Recreation episode; however, it was definitely my favorite Christmas-themed episode of this season. Citizen Knope didn’t bombard us with lessons on selflessness and it didn’t overplay the materialistic nature of the holiday.

Instead, we learned that Leslie’s “scandal” had a little more impact than she thought it would and her campaign managers quit. But who really needs those two when she has the entire PandR department leading her to victory (minus Jerry…poor Jerry). Aside from that tear-inducing ending, here are my other favorite moments of the night:

  • Chris’ new jogging shirt is made of an experimental fabric: Bumbleflex, synthetic bee’s wings.
  • Leslie’s obsession with salgar (sugar x salt), which can’t be healthy. Chris would be appalled.
  • Leslie is the best gift giver in the world! Although Ron’s automatic door closer and Donna’s blinged-out, leopard robe tied for second, April’s epic picture of her killing the Black Eyed Peas was my favorite.
  • Calculator!” (said to the tune of “See you later!”) Ben’s humor was finally appreciated.
  • Andy’s hand in the marshmallow fluff looked just like this.
  • April’s marshmallow version of Ron. Aaw.
  • The return of Rafi Feinstein.
  • PCP Makes It Fun.
  • Leslie (almost) lost her candidacy and Ben “resigned in disgrace”. Oh, the things these two did for love.
  • Jean-Ralphio as the voice of wisdom was weird, so I’m glad he only did it to try and steal Ben’s job.
  • The gingerbread office for Leslie, followed by everyone announcing how they’ll help her run her campaign. I’m sure Tom’s swagger coaching will come in handy.
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3 thoughts on “thoughts on parks and recreation: citizen knope

  1. I thought it was a great episode, and a return to the sillier humor of the previous season. But Leslie made me cry for the third episode in a row…

  2. slugolicious says:

    That’s Gary, not Jerry. Gary Gergich, as proved on his license in “the trial”. Poor Gary.

  3. Tex says:

    I completely agree with the approach that the writers went with for this holiday special. It was not cheesy, but it still left the nice warm cookies and milk feeling when the day was over. I found the episode on since I just found out about the site after I started working for them. I have been playing around with it a bit and watched the holiday specials from previous seasons of Parks and Recreation. It is kind of fun to see how the characters have changed, it was like looking at pictures from past Christmases and laughing at old hair-doos. This really is a great show and I cannot wait to see the rest of season 4 this 2012.

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