thoughts on boardwalk empire: to the lost

Shoot First…: I knew the season finale was going to be full of people getting deceased real fast but it took all of 30 seconds for a few Klansmen to get there. I didn’t think Jimmy and Richard were going to be the one to make the hit but they did an awesome job nonetheless. I was a bit worried that it would put him on the wrong side with Leander and the other “founders” of Atlantic City but it didn’t seem to have any immediate repercussions.

Marriage & Murder: “Margaret, I need you to marry me.” Nucky has to be the most romantic gentleman in all of Atlantic City. As his trials looms closer Nucky had to make every play he could to get from getting sent to jail for the rest of his life so why not continue to manipulate Margaret. At this point I’m starting to feel sorry for her because she has probably been through the most stress and I know her decision to marry Nucky isn’t going to make things any easier. Meanwhile at the Treasurer’s Office, Jimmy and Richard kill James Neary and make it seem like a suicide to help Nucky once again.

Nucky’s Second Chance: Even though Nucky had moments this season where I wouldn’t have minded if he went to prison for some time I was glad when his case was a mistrial. He is, obviously, the character with the most versatility in the show and all the storylines run through him at some point. I do see him meeting an end that is just as epic as his time as the “Treasurer” of Atlantic City but for now I’m fine with a little more corruption.

My Brother’s Keeper: Listen bro, I know you tried to have me killed and all that but if you just go to jail for a year consider us even. I know that isn’t a verbatim version of Nucky’s plan for his brother Eli but that’s pretty much what happened. A few times during the season I thought Eli wasn’t going to make it out of the season alive but I guess blood is really thicker than water when it comes to Nucky. Or maybe he just saw Eli’s going to prison as just another way to keep him from incarceration.

“The only way it could end”: Talk about being blindsided! The furthest thing from my mind was seeing Jimmy getting killed…before Horvitz no less. I thought Nucky had some compassion for Jimmy’s situation and was actually giving Jimmy a gift – of sorts – by handing him Horvitz. With Jimmy out of the way now I can’t imagine who is going to oppose Nucky going forward. We see that Margaret signed over her land to Father Brennan’s church but I don’t think it will hinder Nucky to the point where his empire is diminished. Maybe he and Chalky White have a falling out or perhaps it will be time for the younger generation (Lansky, Lucky, Capone) to take the mantle.

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