thoughts on homeland: the vest

So Carrie IS Crazy: We were told early on in the season about Carrie’s condition. We’ve seen her taking medication. Her personality can be seen as a bit obsessive compulsive even when she has her condition “under control” but since the bombing she finally succumbed. Maybe she does jumble all her thoughts together but she still is the most viable source when it comes to figuring out the puzzle that is Abu Nazir.

“Fire someone. I don’t care who it is”: Words spoken by the Vice President to David Estes. Clearly one can understand where he is coming from and Carrie is the obvious “fall girl” but I still don’t think it was her fault. She figured out that the man with the briefcase wasn’t Walker and that something bad was about to happen. Saul and Estes are more to blame but they won’t be held accountable for their roles in the terrorist attack.

Ominous Warning: Whenever you tell someone – in this case your daughter – to take of things when you’re gone and you aren’t going into a situation that is apparently dangerous then one has reason to worry. I know politics can be a dirty little game but it is rarely deadly. Brody clearly has ulterior motives with his campaign for presidency, I just want to know if it coincides with what Walker has planned.

Back Room Deals: Where is a subtitle – or a friend that speaks Arabic – when you need it?! I know the lack of translation is only to add to the suspense of the end game but I was more upset that intrigued when the scene ended. All I know for sure is that Brody wants to decapitate someone with an explosive vest. I guess that’s all I need, right?

Terrorism Made Easy: Basically, since the yellow area was so small there had to have been a personal tragedy for Abu Nazir that sparked his purple area revenge. Simple. After helping patch together Carrie’s scrambled work Saul finally can see what Carrie has been trying to explain to him about Abu Nazir and his motives. They still need to figure out what happened to Abu Nazir during that downtime in activity – which was the bombing that killed his son, unbeknowst to the CIA – and what he REALLY has planned for revenge, because Carrie is convinced it’s more than just Walker.

No One Believes a Psycho: I knew Estes was eventually going to find out about Carrie’s condition and relieve her from her duties with the CIA, but I wasn’t expecting it to be brought upon by Brody. Even though she is struggling mentally, she is the closest to figuring out what Abu Nazir has planned and she knows Brody is the most important piece to figuring it all out. Brody had to have sensed that too so that’s why he told Estes about their affair and her illegal surveillance. I felt it odd that Saul didn’t come to her defense but I’m still thinking he may have mole-like tendencies so that could explain his absence.

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on homeland: the vest

  1. anon.z.moose says:

    The Arabic reply basically reassures Brody that God will see him as a whole person, as he really is. Brody replies saying there is no God but God which is the beginning of the Muslim confession of the unity of God.

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