thoughts on american horror story: birth

It’s hard to believe this was the last episode before the season ends. It feels like we just met the Harmons and now we’re about to say goodbye…for now, forever…who knows? Birth may have answered a few questions about the lady Harmons, but even then, we still don’t know the fate of the family. American horror story’s don’t have happy endings and if this one does, they really should have went with a different and lighter show title.

  • Little Tate meets little Thaddeus. Constance was passed out and Tate makes his way to the basement. Before Thaddeus (Infantata) can grab him, Nora saves Tate and now we know why he felt so indebted to her, that he was willing to rape, steal and kill to get her a baby. We don’t know how much they interacted throughout the years, but for that moment, she was the mother he wanted. Did anyone else notice that Nora’s clothes were lighter in 1984, but by the time we bounced back to the present, she was wearing darker clothes?
  • Daddy (still) doesn’t know. For some reason, the scene between Ben and Violet, when he tries to make her go visit Vivien, really struck me. We knew she wouldn’t be able to leave, but I was hoping there would be a twist here and she wouldn’t disappear once the car left the property.
  • Chad got his man back and they are planning to raise the twins, together. Except, Patrick doesn’t really want any of that. All he wants is to be with the man he was going to be with before Tate killed him. Chad over hears all of this and crosses himself off the list of people/ghosts that want those babies.
  • “I’m dead, don’t you get it? Of course he doesn’t Violet, your father isn’t going to get it until the very end it seems.
  • One red crib and one white crib. I highly doubt this was by accident. Even if Chad and Patrick simply “broke up” before finishing the painting.
  • Chad called Violet “Elvira”. Wednesday would have been much more appropriate. But speaking of snippy Chad…
  • Constance and Chad should have had a scene together weeks ago! A lovely battle of the bitches, with Chad mocking Constance’s failure as a mother and her mocking his entire lifestyle.
  • Billie Dean is the real deal. Although the spell she gave Violet didn’t work, she can definitely speak to the dead, as evidenced by the telepathic moment. But why does she hate Tate? Sure, there are a few reasons to dislike him, but what’s her reason? And I didn’t see it before, but I’m wondering now if she’s Constance’s fourth child. This theory isn’t based on anything substantial, except they looked so alike in this episode and her Tate hatred.
  • “Dr. Harmon, it’s time.” The twin gingers vandalizing Ben’s car helped set the mood, but Charles and the ghost nurses delivering the baby really added to the creep factor of this scene. The first baby is born “stillborn” and passed to Nora (I don’t think they mentioned if it was a boy or girl) and the second baby boy is immediately scooped up by Constance.
  • “From blood and pain come perfection.” I was waiting for psychotic Hayden to make her entrance and she did, but I don’t think she’s going to get that baby from Constance. That woman has survived the death of pretty much everyone around her, surely she won’t be killed by Ben’s former mistress.
  • “Or did he change when he raped your mother?” Violet finally believes that Tate is a monster and calls him “the darkness”. She sends him away. I’m not sure if this means she can no longer see him or if he’s sent to some other realm briefly. Stupid AHS ghost rules.
  • The house wins again. Vivien and Violet are dead, together. No cliffhanger. No going into the season finale wondering what will happen to Vivien. She died during childbirth and unlike the other ghosts in the house, she’s stuck there with someone she actually loves. I doubt Tate will like that, but then again, I doubt she’ll be happy to hear he was the one who raped her.
  • Ben is alive and alone…for now. I’m pretty sure Ben will be dead next week too and I think he’s going to take someone down with him. I can see him committing suicide too, but I don’t want it to be at the house, Violet and Vivien have been through enough at this point.

Check out Ryan Murphy’s interview for this episode.

Next Week: Afterbirth (season finale)


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One thought on “thoughts on american horror story: birth

  1. Elias says:

    Love the site and your episode summary was perfect. Loved the thought of Billie being Constance’s fourth kid…never considered that before and this is the first place I’ve seen the theory, and it’s a great one. The birth scene was perfectly done, just twisting in every fear ANYONE that has had a kid has ever had when it comes time to deliver along with the best case scenario, in this represented by the juxtaposition of Violet’s birth intercut with the ordeal of bringing forth the twins. Just fantastic. I actually missed “Smoldering Children” last week but being a DISH customer and employee I was able to watch it right before “Birth” aired using and have a little marathon. They went really great together, can’t wait to get this season on DVD, and really looking forward to the finale next week. Thanks again for the great read!

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