grimm recapping–let your hair down

written by Sara Goldfinger & Naren Shankar

A pair of backpackers headed for Shining Lake are waylaid by paranoid pot grower Delmar Blake, who thinks they’re cops and brings them back to his camp. The terrified couple—they own a dog-wash called “Hair of the Dog”—are begging for their lives when some … thing … attacks Delmar and strangles him. The hikers get free and run. The next day Hank and Nick show up, along with the DEA. They’ve been trying to nail Delmar for three years. They knew he was moving drugs but they had no idea he had three million dollars in marijuana plants in the woods.

And the plants are still there, but all of Delmar’s camping equipment and his food are missing. That’s just weird.

Nick takes a closer look at the crime scene and spots a teenage female blutbad. He gets a sample of her hair and some buckshot embedded in a tree.

Hank and Nick pay a visit to the backpacker couple, who live in a terrific house. (Portland is a place where working class people can still buy nice houses; check out the “houses for sale” on Portland CraigsList.)

The couple are still shaken by their ordeal—the boyfriend has a bandage on his head from where Delmar hit him with the butt of a shotgun—but tell the cops that whatever was in the woods saved their lives.

Back at headquarters, Hank and Nick show Captain Renard slides of the dead Delmar, who was clearly strangled by a very strong rope. (They don’t yet realize it was a plaited rope of hair, a la Tangled.)

Like the detectives, Capt. Renard is confused by what’s going on. If Delmar were killed by a rival drug dealer, the killer wouldn’t have left the plants. He tells the guys to keep him in the loop.

Delmar’s brothers arrive at the police station, demanding justice for their brother. Hank insists they show some ID before he’ll tell them anything and when he and Nick are satisfied they’re who they say they are, they all head for the morgue.

One brother demands to know why Delmar’s been cut open and the other points out that even he can tell his brother was strangled. It’s about to get heated, but the brothers take off.

Nick and Hank check them out to see if they have any priors—they do—but nothing that links them to their brother’s illegal activities. Meanwhile, Sgt. Wu shows up with a bit of explosive information. The brunette hair that Nick found at the crime scene belongs to a girl named Holly Clark, who disappeared nine years earlier. Hank remembers the case. He was haunted by it. He tells Wu to bring up all the files.

Meanwhile, the brothers are doing their own investigation and it’s let them to the two hikers.

Nick goes out to see Monroe, who is in the middle of his elaborate preparations for Christmas. His family has a long tradition of celebrating with antique trains and homemade eggnog. Nick proves to be a Scrooge though, and tells Monroe that he needs his help dealing with the blutbad in the woods. He is pretty sure that the wolf-girl is Holly Clark and he’s sure she’s been wounded by the gunshot that Delmar got off before he died.

Monroe does NOT want to go but he admits that the first time he “felt the surge” and “fanged out,” it was confusing and scary. He agrees to accompany Nick the next morning.

Meanwhile, the plumber who was scared off by Nick several episodes ago, brags to some cronies that he was in a Grimm’s house and lived to tell about it. One of his cohorts has $50 that says the plumber is full of “tree sap,” and he takes them out to the house. When Nick drives up, the plumber freaks and insists his friends drive away. Nick watches in open-mouthed (literally) bemusement.

Meanwhile, the brothers Clark grab the poor hiker and take them into the woods to question him bout who killed their brother.

Juliette and Nick go to bed and she is upset at the thought that the kid he saw in the woods might be a feral child.

The next day, the detectives report to Captain Renard again. Hank tells their boss he’s going to track down Holly’s adoptive mom while Nick heads back out to the crime scene to see if there’s anything else he can learn. Renard tells them to bring any hard evidence back to him before they do anything.

Nick and Monroe head out to the crime scene on ATVs and sniff around. Monroe gets a weird vibe about the place and notices that burdock root is growing in the area. Pay attention to that, you’ll be hearing a lot about the burdock root in this episode.

The young blutbad shows up and she and Monroe have a fang-off, which ends when she runs off. Nick and Monroe follow her to a tree-house hunting blind.

Meanwhile, Hank pays a visit to Holly Clark’s mother (it’s always nice to see Claudia Christian) and tells her he’s investigating a new element in her disappearance. He doesn’t want to tell her that Holly might still be alive on the off chance the girl in the woods is some other girl.

The only thing Mrs. Clark can tell Hank is that her family borrowed camping equipment from a neighbor named Jimmy Addison. Hank calls Wu and tells him to check the name.

Monroe and Nick treat Holly’s wounds but Nick heads out for a place where he can get a cell signal. He spots Delmar’s brothers holed up near his old camp.

Meanwhile, Wu and Hank pay a visit to Addison, who is on disability after being bitten by a wild dog the same day that Holly Clark disappeared. It’s odd, though, because he drove a hundred miles out of his way to get treatment for the injury.

Back at the treehouse, Monroe decides to dig up some pain-killing burdock root. The Blake Brothers see him digging near where their brother died and assume he killed him. (They’ve left the terrorized hiker tied up in the cabin, promising to return and kill him.)

The brothers tail Monroe back to the hunting blind and start shooting to lure him back down. Nick shows up and Monroe comforts Holly.

Nick calls Hank and tells him the good news that Holly’s been found and asks him about the name he found on her camping stove—Jimmy Addison. Addison is with Hank and he freaks out when he hears Holly is alive, claiming she bit him and tried to kill him.

Later, Nick drops Monroe off before returning Holly to Mrs. Clark for a touching mother and child reunion.

Captain Renard holds a press conference announcing the return of Holly.

The girl gets a haircut and a bath and returns to police headquarters to identify Addison as her kidnapper.

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