revenge recapping: duress

Previously on Revenge: Loyalty


And the award for most awesome way to hook your viewers in the first 15 seconds goes to Revenge for having Tyler point a gun at Emily’s head during a classy dinner party. Well played Revenge writers. Flash to earlier that day. Daniel is all set to help his mother take down his father. He’s positioned himself in his father’s company by using his displeasure about Tyler’s continuous rise to power. Emily and Nolan make amends and continue to plan a Tyler take down. With Daniel helping Queen Victoria by scheming against King Conrad, Queen Victoria is all smiles as her war with King Conrad begins. Neither party seems ready to back down and I have a strange feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet. Tyler takes another stab at tangoing with Conrad who seems even more hesitant now that his relationship with Daniel depends on this.

Tyler and Daniel

As part of the Tyler take down, Emily tracks down Shamu and finds Tyler’s Anti-Psychotics. Emily and Nolan do a little more digging and find out a bit about Tyler’s dark and violent past. They call for reinforcements (Tyler’s brother). Furthering Tyler’s takedown, little to Emily and Nolan’s knowledge, King Conrad tells Queen Victoria about Tyler’s extortionist plans. After a scuffle with Daniel, Tyler convinces everyone that he has fled the Hamptons by telling cute but not so bright Daniel that that’s what he’ll be doing and shipping his phone off to California.

Birthday Party

Daniel’s birthday party is going to be a simple clam bake on the beach, which Jack and Amanda are preparing. Declan gives Amanda the 411 (do people still use that phrase? Or did I just date myself?) on Jack and Emily. Amanda worries about her grip on Jack. While everyone begins to celebrate Daniel, Nolan finds himself facing a knife-baring Tyler. After slashing Nolan’s arm and tying Nolan to a chair, Tyler head to the party. While Nolan is struggling at his house, Tyler is searching for Shamu Emily’s house, and everyone else is having an ignorantly lovely clam bake on the beach.  Nolan is rescued by Tyler’s brother, just in time for Tyler to pull a gun on Emily and force her to march out with the birthday cake. Everyone stops singing once they see the gun. Tyler tries to get everyone to play a friendly game of Truth or Die, which goes awry when Conrad refuses to tell the truth about David Clark, therefore Emily must die (she fakes being scared really well, but I’m pretty sure she had a counterattack planned in case none of the incompetents could come to her rescue). Enter Tyler’s brother, who distracts Tyler long enough for Jack and Daniel to plan a covert operation with their eyes and tackle him to the ground. Tyler gets arrested and will be charged with the murder of Frank because Emily, always the thinker, slipped Frank’s wallet into Tyler’s jacket.

Though things may be settle with Tyler, the battle between Victoria and Conrad is just heating up and Emily isn’t backing down yet.


  • Amanda is definitely going to start digging even further where she doesn’t belong and Emily’s not going to like that.
  • Queen Victoria will probably figure out Amanda is a fake. Jack will be heartbroken.
  • Ashley is going to replace Tyler as the power/money hungry extortionist. No, not really, but maybe.


Emily: When duress is applied to the emotionally unstable the result can be as violent as it is unpredictable.

Victoria: So far I’m not impressed. I see a pretty girl with cheap shoes and limited social graces.

Emily: I Googled friendship on the interwebs. Apparently when you have a fight with a friend you’re suppose to apologize

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