shameless recapping: summer loving

Previously on Shameless: Summertime

With Frank possibly on the way out of the Jackson household he begins to work his way into the graces of Dottie aka “Butterface” (Molly Price) who may be getting her pension soon. Lip finds out that Karen and Jody may be getting serious with their relationship. Mickey is out of jail so he and Ian pick up where they left off with their relationship. Jasmine is trying to get Fiona to “enjoy her summer” by setting her up with wealthy businessmen. Also, Frank rented his room out to a pregnant Asian woman and Debbie is adamant about getting her own room…and getting 2-year-old Liam to stop masturbating. Yep.


Free at last: Mickey needs a job so that he obeys the terms of his probation so Ian gets him a security gig at his store. I don’t know how smart that is seeing as though Kash, Ian’s boss and former sexmate, was the one who shot Mickey and got him sent to jail. I want to see how Mickey handles Ian’s decision to go to West Point Academy for college, Mickey hasn’t shown himself to be the most affectionate person but who knows how he’ll react when he realizes he might lose Ian.

Anything for “Butterface”: We’ve known that Frank will pretty much do anything for some cash and stiff drink – except working a legitimate job to earn it – so doing chores and trying to shack up with Dottie should be commonplace. I want to see if his attempts to solidify his position in Dottie’s heart – pun sort of intended – will lead to an actual relationship or will he just us her like he has been doing with Sheila.

Fiona’s new suitor: It’s still not clear to me if Jasmine is trying to: A) Have Fiona for herself. B) Mold Fiona into an adulterous wingman. C)  Help Fiona get over Steve. Either way, it’s becoming one of the most interesting plot lines to follow so far. Fiona has been hesitant to completely follow Jasmine’s plans but at some point her curiosity will give her the nudge she needs to act on some of the advances. She better hurry before Steve comes back and ends that though.

Sore Lip: Lip has been comfortable with he and Karen’s new relationship. She hangs out with Jody from her Nympho Class but they don’t have a physical relationship then Lip comes and snatches the vagina up like a true gentleman. But now that he sees that Karen and Jody’s relationship has progressed physically how will he handle it? I hope he is able to get over his pride and tell Karen how he actually feels about her before she is gone for good.

On the next Shameless: I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day

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