modern family recapping: little bo bleep

Previously on Modern Family: Egg Drop

Lily Light up Dress

So there was a big hoopla about tonight’s episode of Modern Family, because of the anticipated f-bomb dropped by Lily. If it happens in real life, there is no reason to make such a stink about it happening on TV. Television isn’t an idyllic place. So let’s all get over it. Great.

Lily is going to be a flower girl and her dress a light up replica of Little Bo Peep. Classy. Jay comes home from work to find Stella is “drowning in the pool” he immediately jumps in and saves her. He’s panicked and spilling his worries to Gloria and Manny when Stella jumps in the pool again. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The Dunphy’s are helping Claire prepare for her debate by posing a mock debate and pointing out everything she does wrong.

Claire pointing

Cam is helping Lily prepare for her role as flower girl because of his extensive experience as a ring bearer. Lily messes up and says “oh bleep” with pixilation over the mouth (such a big fuss over an implied curse, dear lord get over it). Cam runs out of the room laughing and Mitchell looks on astonished. They decide to deny/ignore and pretend she said something else. But then she repeats the word and Cam runs out of the room laughing while Mitchell looks on astonished.

Claire is nervous about the debate and doesn’t feel the support of her family, she only feels criticized. Alex encourages her to just be a strong powerful woman and Claire feels ready. Plus Jay, Manny, Gloria, and Stella (who, Jay worries, is suicidal and will hurt herself if left alone) show up to lend Claire some support. Claire is rocking the debate until her opponent takes a personal stab. At which point, Claire and Phil, lose their cool and get made into a viral auto-tuned Youtube video. Gloria is getting ready for the wedding when she notices Stella is missing. Gloria finds her standing on the ledge of the pool. Gloria tries to talk her down but Stella takes the plunge anyway. Gloria, in truly hysterical fashion, jumps into the pool and saves Stella.

 Light up dresses!

Lily is the most hideously cute thing ever as she walks down the aisle in her light up dress. And the bridesmaids’ dresses are just hideous. OH, WAIT A MINUTE!!!! The bride’s dress lights up too! Oh in the name of all that is trashy! Cam starts to cry at the start of the wedding. Lily, in an effort to cheer him up, curses again, in front of the whole church. Everyone bursts out laughing. Bet she won’t quit on that word for a while.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Cam and Mitchell imparting their style knowledge on Lily.
  • Jay toweling off Stella instead of Gloria.
  • Auto-tuned Phil and Claire


Lily (talking about the dress): “I love it!”
Cam and Mitchell: “No you don’t”

Mitchell: “Oh so we’re becoming political. We leave town for the gay pride parade because we hate traffic.”

Luke: “You yelled at my teacher for calling me special.”
Claire: “Hunnie that wasn’t a compliment.”

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