shameless recapping: i’ll light a candle for you every day

Previously on Shameless: Summer Loving

Just when everyone – maybe just myself – thinks that Frank can’t sink any lower on the morality scale he goes and declines Dottie of her heart so she is destined for death. Debbie’s new obsession with death has the rest of the Gallagher clan worried about her. Fiona finds a purse on the train and is debating whether she will return the money she found or just the purse itself. She is also on the verge of having a fling with her high school crush Craig (Taylor Kinney). Lip is trying to help Ian with his admission process into West Point by helping a military official with a special project. Jody proposes to Karen. Meanwhile at the Alibi Room, Steve is thinking about buying the bar (literally) but Veronica doesn’t think it’s the best idea for them financially.

Frank, really?!: We knew from the beginning that Frank was only after Dottie for her pension but I didn’t think he would really go out of his way to make sure she didn’t get her heart transplant. I didn’t think he would practically kill someone for some cash. And what makes things worse is that he only got $2,000, some heart-stopping sex, and a flat screen for the whole thing (It better had been an LED TV at least!). Not to mention stealing the church offering box. From this point on I promise NEVER to be shocked by ANYTHING Frank Gallagher does. Is there anyway he can stoop lower than this?

Finders Keepers: Haven’t we all found something that wasn’t ours and thought about keeping it? Unless you’re Mother Theresa or Jesus Christ – or some other awesome history person – I’m sure you have. Yeah, Fiona may have spent the money to buy some things for the house and treat them to some buffet action but she realized she had done the wrong thing and tried to make up for it. Even though her attempt at moral redemption didn’t play out the way she had hoped she still showed that she isn’t as flawed as her father.

Karen & Jody…& Lip: Even though Karen and Lip are still in a physical relationship, she seems to be getting ready for life with Jody. She thinks he is on the verge of proposing to her, which he is, so she might be done with Lip. Of course Lip hasn’t addressed how he feels to Karen and soon it might be too late. Besides Fiona, Lip has been taking the brunt of the emotional assault this season but I can’t blame anyone but him for the way he’s handling it.

Dear Diary: Since Fiona has been talking to her old crush Craig she has been thinking about getting a little frisky. Veronica warns her not to mess with married men but Fiona has to find out for herself that having sex in a mini-van filled with car-seats and smashed fruit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I know Fiona is looking for something to fill her void for Steve but she just can’t seem to pick them so far. Now that she has reached out to Steve it’s only a matter of time before her GTA-specialist triumphantly returns.

Buying the Bar: Since Kevin thinks he can better a better bar manager than the senile one the Alibi Room already has, he tells the bar patrons and Veronica about his ambition. Initially Veronica agrees because she doesn’t want to make Kevin feel bad but later she tells him how she really feels. Veronica seems to take the role of the moral conscious for both the Gallagher household and her own but she doesn’t want her husband to resent her for not letting him go into the sketchy business so she backs Kevin’s decision. I don’t think the transition from bartender to bar manager will be seamless but I just hope that it doesn’t drastically change Kevin and Veronica’s relationship. They have to be the closest thing to normalcy the Gallagher’s have.

On the next Shameless: A Beautiful Mess

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