once upon a time recapping: fruit of the poisonous tree

Previously on Once Upon a Time: 7:15 A.M.

After throwing us a bone with the kiss between Ms. Blanchard and David last week, I’m almost willing to forgive the show for killing Graham. But then everyone had to be idiotic, or annoyingly mysterious, or predictably evil this episode, and I’m not won over yet. Emma tries to protect Henry (and screw over Regina) and just gets pushed farther away from him, per usual. We also learn how the man got in the magic mirror (hint: Evil Queen was involved).

Snow White and King Leopold, Once Upon a Time

In the Enchanted Forest, we meet a pre-mirror Sidney, the Genie of Agrabah, as an old king (played by Richard Schiff of West Wing fame) releases him from the lamp. First the king wishes the Genie free, and then wishes for the now-freed genie to have the third wish, and you just know this do-gooder has to be Snow’s father. When the Genie says all he wants is true love, the King invites him to his court – where he is introduced to his daughter Snow, and his wife, Queen Regina, whom the Genie is immediately drawn to. Later, at King Leopold’s birthday celebration he claims his daughter is his greatest gift, and the Queen is feeling unloved. The Genie listens to her sob story about being trapped, and then gives her his mirror because in his eyes, she’s the fairest. King Leopold is now not so nice, as he has read his wife’s diary and orders the Genie to find out who gave her the mirror and stole her heart. Queen’s father shows up with a box that will set her free, and asks the Genie to bring it to her. It contains deadly Argabahan snakes, but before the she can “free” herself the genie offers use them to remove the king instead, and swiftly assassinates him. Of course, the Queen has set him up to take the fall. When he realizes he’s been tricked, he wishes to be near her forever, and ends up trapped in his mirror.

Sidney, Once Upon a Time

In Storybrooke, the storm has damaged Emma and Henry’s castle, but his book is still hidden there, safe from Regina. The mayor appears to collect her son and berate Emma for letting him play somewhere dangerous. At Granny’s, an annoyed Emma is accosted by a drunken Sidney, who claims he has the evidence to bring Regina down. Emma doesn’t bite – until Regina tears down the castle and Henry’s book goes missing. According to Sidney, something else is also missing – $50,000 from the city budget. He wants Emma to use her “bail bondsperson” tricks to find out why, but she insists on playing it straight. Meanwhile, Ms. Blanchard and David have a secret romantic picnic and try not to think of Kathryn. Emma hits a dead end on the paperwork, and a guilt-ridden Ms. Blanchard (who has the same coffee mug I do) agrees with Sidney that sometimes you have to do something wrong to do what’s right. Emma decides to “talk” to Regina, which really means “plant a bug in her office.” They learn of a deal in the woods and find Mr. Gold, who informs them he sold Regina land and sagely reminds Emma not to get emotional. She ignores him to break into the mayor’s office, steal her files, and then walk away without a fuss despite being the worst liar ever when Regina shows up. Emma, you’re usually smarter than this – sigh.

Henry and Stranger, Once Upon a Time

At Granny’s, Henry’s frantically writing down what he remembers of the book. The Mysterious Stranger asks him what he’s working on, and Henry asks him why he’s in Storybrooke, but neither gets answers. Emma foolishly confronts Regina with her ill-gotten evidence at a city council meeting. The mayor explains the money was for a new playground, and Emma is publicly humiliated. Regina pushes her advantage to threaten Emma with a restraining order if she doesn’t keep away from Henry. With no choice, Emma explains to Henry they must be apart for a while via a walkie-talkie exchange. She promises to find his book – now in the possession of the Mysterious Stranger. Sidney commiserates with Emma over their botched attempt…then visits Regina for congratulations on a job well done.

o Supposedly Emma’s “super power” is that she can tell when someone’s lying, yet she got played for a major fool in this episode. Is there some story significance here or was this just shoddy writing?
o Mysterious Stranger, why do you want the book? Did you write it? Is the story changing? Answers please.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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