modern family recapping: me? jealous?

Previously on Modern Family: Little Bo Bleep

Phil doesn't get jealous about guy kissing Claire

Phil wants to impress a new client who lives an unconventional life. As the potential client, who has a lot of money, kids, and an ex-wife, is leaving he kisses Claire on the lips. He gives Phil an awkward handshake hug. Phil, ever the observer, notices only the handshake that almost became a hug. Claire is weirded out, but Phil insists that it was no big deal. Phil and Claire are also making Haley join the Big Sister program because she lied about being a Big Sister on a college application.

Cam, Mitchell, Jay, and Gloria

Cameron and Mitchell are having their house fumigated so they’re crashing at Jay and Gloria’s. Bad for them. Awesome for potential problems and awkward moments. Cam and Gloria, who assume they’ll have so much fun together are immediately feuding because Cam took over running the house and Gloria took over the responsibility of Lily. Of course neither actually says anything, they only give the camera knowing looks. Jay and Mitchell are butting heads because Jay keeps making fun of lawyers and then crashes a business meeting because he’s a fan of the client. Turns out Haley is a better Big Sister to Annie, her appointed little sister than she is to Alex, who immediately becomes jealous.


Manny decided to intervene with Cam and Gloria by telling them a story that they could apply to their circumstances. Neither reaches the conclusion that Manny hoped for. But eventually, while tangoing (kind of) in the kitchen they both come to terms with their problems. Phil and Claire are going to Phil’s new clients house for dinner. Phil promises to be on the look out for inappropriate behavior. Claire quickly realizes that the new client kisses everyone. Mitchell plays a prank on Jay with the help of his client. Jay is very amused. Haley and Alex start fighting and Luke intervenes claiming that they’re both bad big sisters. His assertions convince them to spend some quality time with Luke and dress him up as girl Luke, named Betty Luke.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Every time Cam or Gloria looked at the camera
  • Manny’s plotting gone awry
  • Phil being perceptive
  • Claire and Phil getting a photo op with Betty Luke


Phil [to Luke]: “Good to see you Betty Luke.”

Gloria: “I know you can’t tell by looking at me, but I’m not a natural homemaker.”

Mitchell: “I get the sense that I’m losing you, could I talk to Grandma Groovy?”
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