thoughts on the walking dead: triggerfinger

Previously on The Walking Dead: Nebraska

  • Lori narrowly escapes an encounter with walkers after her car crash.
  • Rick, Glenn, and Hershel have a shootout with another group of survivors and save one of the rival members from certain death at the hands (mouths) of the walkers.
  • Daryl is tired of being an “errand boy” and lashes out at Carol for not keeping an eye on Sophia.
  • Shane lies to Lori about the safety of her husband to get her back to the farm.
  • Glenn is upset that he only thought of himself when Rick and Hershel were depending on him.
  • Shane tells Lori that they are meant to be together and that Rick is going to get them all killed. He also believes he is the father of her unborn child.
  • The farm doesn’t know what to do with their “new member” after he gets healthy.

Shane Saves the Day…Again: Does anyone else see the pattern? Someone finds trouble. Shane finds a way to help. Then Shane gets blamed for being right. So far he has only: saved Lori and Carl when Rick was comatose, risked his life to get supplies for Carl’s surgery, spearheaded the movement to kill the walkers in the barn, and saved Lori from a suicide mission. Maybe somewhere in there was some sex he shouldn’t have had, and a guy he probably shouldn’t have left for dead or a decision that wasn’t his to make – but where would everyone be without Shane? They might be walking dead somewhere…

Glenn Gets a Pass: Let’s get it straight Daryl, Glenn is the original errand boy! He has been thrown into the fire on several occasions and I don’t blame him for thinking about himself for once. I know it was a mental lapse at a very critical  moment but everyone has their breaking point. Everyone made it out without injury but I can understand your anger Glenn. Keep it up scout!

Brothers in (Lori’s) Arms: Well we knew it was going to happen soon, right? I can understand Shane’s reasoning in regards to his feelings for Lori but he has to understand that what they had is over. This issue wasn’t going to just disappear though and the aftermath is going to, hopefully, have a drastic change on every character on the farm. Advice: Rick, don’t get into a “fair” fight with Super Shane.

Thanks for the Hospitality? Of course I’d be glad that Rick and Hershel saved me from being a midnight snack but, after such a major surgery – on my leg of all places, putting me back in the middle of nowhere isn’t really going to improve my survival chances. I am hoping that they let him stay on that he, somehow, leads his group back to the barn for a showdown.

Too Cool for the “In Crowd” Andrea knows her role and tries to tell Shane he is in the same position – even though it seems obvious that he isn’t the favorite. I don’t think they are going to leave the group entirely but if they manage to stay below the radar and make their own agenda they could manage to get more people on their side. Daryl is a likely candidate and I think Carol might even follow him. Just throwing that out there.

On the next The Walking Dead: 10 Miles Out

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