30 rock recapping: the tuxedo begins

Previously on 30 Rock: Hey Baby, What’s Wrong?

Jack getting mugged

Liz and Jack are late for work. Liz because people no longer follow the rules for getting on and off the subway and Jack because he had to get out of his cab and walk. Liz argues that it’s because New York is overrated. Jack thinks its a testament to man’s triumph. While Liz is telling him about the Real Housewives of New York recap, Jack is mugged.

Liz thinks this proves her argument about New York, Jack thinks this is the beginning of a class war. Jack tries to enlist the help of his P.I. but quickly realizes that his P.I. is one of them. So Jack must take matters into his own hands. Liz develops her own form of dealing with her city woes. She acts or has become the crazy lady on the subway.

Paul and Jenna

Paul has returned from his cruise and instead of ravishing each other, as per usual, they fell asleep after a sexless night. So unlike them, that they had to make it into a fetish called normaling. They act out their new fetish by shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. When their co-workers insist that their just being a couple, they panic but decide they’ll put their relationship to the test.

Liz gone crazy

Jack is afraid to leave his office and Liz is riding the crazy train full speed ahead. In a scene reminiscent of the Dark Knight, Liz and Jack as the Joker and Batman circle each other and justify their choices. Then as Liz is going to the movies to clear out the theater she learns she’s forgotten her wallet. As Jack is trying to overcome his fear, Liz asks him for $20. Since she’s dressed as a crazy lady, Jack obviously freaks out and throws her into a pile of trash. Jack has conquered his fear and Liz has realized that acting like a crazy person isn’t productive.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Paul and Jenna shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Jack and Liz on the rooftop


Tracy: “I’m gonna say to you what I say to all my sharks right before they die: Let’s go outside.”

Jack: “Liddy is at a baby leadership conference this weekend, the timing is perfect.”

Stranger: “Say, where does a young prostitute get started in this town?”

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2 thoughts on “30 rock recapping: the tuxedo begins

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  2. […] about their own issues with weddings. Troy and Abed went normal, which was strange and remind me of Paul and Jenna’s normaling. Pierce tried to step out of his daddy’s shadow and Annie just wanted to plan a wedding. […]

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