modern family recapping: aunt mommy

Previously on Modern Family: Me? Jealous?

Cameron and Mitchell are frenemies with another gay couple, Steven and Stefan (of course those are their names!). The nature of their frenemyship is based on the couples competing over children. As we know Cam and Mitchell want another one and Steven and Stefan just had another via surrogacy. When they mention the swirl method (mixing two men’s sperm together aka the method used to conceive Rachel Berry) Cam and Mitchell reconsider.

Drunken Dinner

Phil is trying to sell Steven and Stefan one of his houses. The courtship was long but he finally convinces them to purchase the house. Cam, Mitchell, Phil, and Claire go out to celebrate with a lot of alcohol, like all of it. They get so drunk that Phil and Claire wholeheartedly offer Cam and Mitchell some of Claire’s eggs.  Naturally, that was the booze talking and everyone seems to regret the offer. Though they can’t just come out and say it, so they all get into a fight over brunch. Mitchell and Claire find a moment to themselves, under the table, heart-to-heart it out and all is fine.

manny playing football

Because Manny is such an athlete, he’s been invited to play football with some of the neighborhood boys. It’s going to be a disaster. Jay wants to help Manny and assumes that Gloria will understand when he sabotages their plans to go see a play. Does he not know her? Manny gets tackled when he takes his head out of the game for a moment and picks up a heads up penny (apparently a tradition with Gloria, they’re trying to reach 100). He should stick to coin collecting and lucky for him Jay steals four of the penny so Gloria and Manny can continue their tradition.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • The entire drunken dinner, complete with every heightened emotion.
  • Manny’s almost glorious moment.
  • The Mash-up baby faces


Cam: “I’m playing a drinking game. It’s called every time I feel depressed about something, I take a drink.”
Mitchell: “That’s already a game. It’s called alcoholism.”

Phil [to Claire]: “You’re going to have Cam’s baby just to avoid it being weird?”

Claire: “Sometimes I worry nobody’s going to like Alex.”

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