modern family recapping: virgin territory

Previously on Modern Family: Aunt Mommy

Alex, Haley, and Lily

Luke and Manny’s unlikely friendship continues to blossom as the two try to take Lily down. She’s obviously too cute and taking up all of their screen time, something must be done. Their elaborate trap catches the wrong victim, Cam, who “hurts” his back, but really just needs a moment alone in Claire’s house to find the Tupperware she claims to have given back to him. Everyone is shooed out of the house, Claire to yoga, Gloria following Claire to bond in yoga, Mitchell to get a heating pad and fix a ruined memory for his dad, Phil and the girls (Alex, Haley, and Lily) to the doll hospital (Lily’s doll was also injured in the trap), and Luke and Manny to impress a girl down the street who likes bad boys.

Phil and Haley

On the way to the doll hospital, Phil says something about Haley being a virgin, though he is no referring to sex when he says it, Alex’s subsequent laugh hints something that Phil probably would’ve been better off not knowing. Phil can’t see Haley the same way anymore and they speak in code about the doll and its injury referring to how things will never be the same. Phil does come to terms with it, because he’s the cool dad. And Haley does confirm that he is a cool dad.

Gloria and Claire

Claire is reluctant to let Gloria join her at yoga, though Gloria persists. Claire has to let Gloria in on her dirty little secret. She doesn’t actually go to yoga, she goes to the shooting range and fires off some shots. Gloria loves it, especially since she’s a sharp shot, and the two do bond. Mitchell and Jay also bond, though inadvertently. Mitchell ruined a past memory about Jay’s hole-in-one, letting it slip that he, Mitchell actually kicked the ball in. Jay’s upset because his rep it ruined, Mitchell is upset because that hole-in-one was the basis for a very pleasant evening with his Dad and his first beer. Naturally, Jay is too hung up on the ruined rep to care for Mitchell’s nostalgia. But he does clear up when Mitchell has his first beer. Turns out, Mitchell was wrong all along.

Manny and Luke

To get the attention of the girl down the street who likes bad boys, Manny and Luke take Cam’s car and do a super smooth drive by. Then do a not so smooth drive back (in reverse) because Manny can’t U-turn. Cam does eventually find the Tupperware, proving that he is not in fact crazy, well kind of. And, I know everyone was worried, Lily’s doll is going to be just fine. Doctor’s said she’ll make a full recovery.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Talking about the doll hospital and medical insurance.
  • Gloria becoming upset about blind models not being able to see how pretty they are.
  • How seriously the doll doctor took his job.
  • Phil’s transparent exuberance about Alex wanting a doll, which means she’ll prob be a virgin for a bit longer than Haley.
  • Manny’s panicked face as he reversed by the blonde girl.


Claire [to Gloria]: “I live with 4 teenagers, you live with 2 adults.”

Cam: “Do you think it would be offensive to ask my daughter to walk on my back?”

Luke: “My mom hates messes.”
Manny: “I’m familiar with Claire.”

Gloria: “In my village, a doll was an apple on a fork.”

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