thoughts on the walking dead: 18 miles out

Previously on The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

  • Shane and Rick head out to leave Randall (Michael Zegen) to fend for himself (at least) 18 miles away from the farm.
  • Rick tells Shane that he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.
  • Lori stops Beth from committing suicide.
  • After Rick and Shane get into a fight, the three road trippers are caught in a walker attack.
  • After being left alone with Andrea, Beth locks herself in the bathroom and…makes her decision?
  • Rick and Shane decide to take Randall back to the farm after they escape.
  • Maggie tells Andrea to “Never step foot in the house again” after putting her sister’s life in danger.

Rick Rules: I’ll translate Rick’s speech to Shane for you all: “Shane, stop trying to snatch up my family and rank because I’m not as soft as you think I am. You weren’t with me when I had an OK Corral-esque shootout last week. Quick Draw Rick is alive and well.” Whether Shane takes heed to Rick’s hidden warning is yet to be determined but now he knows he is on Rick’s radar moving forward.

Skipping out on Laundry Detail: It’s clear that Andrea has always been the “odd-woman out” when it comes to the group. The other women tend to favor household duties whereas she is comfortable going on dangerous excursions with the men. As long as she is doing her best to help the group survive then why are you so upset Lori? Weren’t you the one who just wrecked a car FOR NO REASON last week?! Talk about counter-productive. I don’t care if you prefer clothespins or headshots, just don’t be Dale.

Suicide Watch: I do hope that this story arc is over but it did do a great job in further pushing Andrea towards Shane. Everyone knows what Shane’s methods are when it comes to survival. They now know that Andrea isn’t afraid of some rather unconventional methods of self-preservation. I still don’t think Andrea is ready to branch out and completely sever their ties with the group but I think they are ready to shake-up the hierarchical structure before the season ends.

Randall Rides Again: Honestly, I thought Randall was going to be walker fodder last week. I thought the same thing this week until he said he went to school with Maggie – Rick wasn’t going to let that fall on deaf ears. Somehow he managed to keep himself alive again. I don’t trust that he is as innocent and upstanding as he says he is and I don’t want him to be. Shane might need a new recruit if he plans on a coup. Rick might need a new deputy. Daryl might need another brother. Glenn might need some competition – because no one else has come close.

On the next The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner

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3 thoughts on “thoughts on the walking dead: 18 miles out

  1. I was quite happy to see Rick step up the bad-assery. He was way too wishy-washy a character before. Now we’re finally seeing a tougher Rick. Also, they need to get women on the writing team because they have no idea how to write good female characters! Lori is intolerable, Andrea is annoying, though I think Maggie is okay. Glen is the limp fish in the that relationship with the whole “I was thought of you and realized I had something I wanted to live for so I let the group down now I’m angry at you,” outburst from last week. Plus, the whole farm thing is getting old. They need to get on the road again and get some blood in this show again.

    • will33t4food says:

      I think Glenn’s breakdown was actually pretty accurate given his character. Most of the other characters are still trying to go on like it’s life as usual and he hasn’t been afraid to admit that he is afraid. But I do agree that the women characters are a bit simplistic. They have one trait that they just run with. I think Andrea’s character is on the fringe of becoming more interesting though. Possible spoiler alert!!! I know the farm was the base of operations in the graphic novel for awhile but I was hoping they attempt to move along. I doubt it will happen before the season finale though.

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