once upon a time recapping: dreamy

Previously on Once Upon a Time: What Happened to Frederick

This week on Once Upon a Time, we are treated to another tragic love story (really, is there any other kind on this show?). We learn more about the relationship Grumpy alluded to in 7:15 A.M. – back when he used to be called Dreamy, and was in love with a fairy named Nova. Meanwhile, Emma investigates Katherine’s disappearance while Leroy and Ms. Blanchard bond over being mutually reviled by the entire town.

Once Upon a Time, Nova

We start in the Enchanted Forest, where a charmingly inept fairy named Nova (played by the lovely Amy Acker, recently seen on Dollhouse and also known as Winifred “Fred” Burkle to Angel fans) has been put in charge of collecting fairy dust, the most powerful magical substance in the world. So naturally, she spills some, which lands on an egg underground that hatches the dwarf we know as Grumpy, only this version’s on happy pills. The newly hatched dwarf is explained the ways of the world – they mine fairy dust, they don’t fall in love – and his axe dubs him “Dreamy.” Nova visits the mine for her fairy dust shipment, and her ineptitude almost destroys it until Dreamy grabs it at last second. She mopes about her clumsiness, but he tells her she can do anything she dreams, and she hints at meeting later to watch fireflies – a hint he doesn’t get. Later at a tavern, Dreamy complains he doesn’t feel right. Belle (!) overhears, tells him he’s in love, and explains the firefly invite means Nova wants to see him. They both want to see the world, and agree to meet the next night to run away together. On his way to meet her, the Blue Fairy warns him that Nova will lose her wings and never become the fairy she was meant to be. On the hilltop, Nova shows him the ship they’ll sail away in. He reminds her of her dream of being a fairy godmother, and that dwarves can’t love. Upon his return to the mine, his old axe breaks. His new ax dubs him Grumpy.

Once Upon a Time, Belle and Grumpy

In Storybrooke, Ms. Blanchard goes to Granny’s looking for volunteers to help with Miner’s Day, a fundraiser that celebrates an old local tradition when the nuns traded candles for coal. No one acknowledges her, and on his way out, Leroy (aka Grumpy) reminds her that she’s the “town harlot.” Leroy runs into the nun Astrid (Nova), and is wooed by her charming ineptitude. He fixes some Miner’s Day decorations, and she’s so impressed she tells him he could do anything he dreams. Emma is called to investigate Katherine’s abandoned car, and Sydney stops by to lay the blame on David. He shows up that moment, but swears to Emma he hasn’t talked to Katherine. Leroy signs up to sell candles, which is especially important because Astrid’s ineptitude with money means the sisters are short on rent. No one wants to buy candles from Leroy or Ms. Blanchard, despite their “annoy them door-to-door” strategy. Leroy can’t bring himself to tell Astrid though, and now he needs to come up with five thousand dollars. He tries to sell his boat to Mr. Gold, but he would rather evict the nuns. To top it off, Astrid stops by to give Leroy a pie and finds the unsold candles. Emma is also having a bad day, since Sydney’s shadily acquired phone records indicate David talked to Katherine despite saying he didn’t – and possibly implicate him in her disappearance. After some moping and drinking with Ms. Blanchard, Leroy decides to take a pickax to the power line and ends up selling all the candles in the resulting blackout. He patches things up with Astrid, and the townsfolk show Ms. Blanchard some kindness, but the feel good vibes are ruined when Emma is forced to bring David to the station for questioning.

Once Upon a Time, David and Emma

o I’m really curious about what happened to Katherine, and how much Regina actively had to do with it, and how much is the curse just working on its own.
o Other things I really want to know: what did August do to the book, and when will Regina and Mr. Gold have their showdown? When will Mr. Gold call in that favor from Emma? We’ll probably have to work through at least 5 more tragic love stories – and an upcoming investigation/trial over Katherine’s disappearance – before I get my answer.
o Point of interest – Mr. Gold has a problem with nuns. I’m assuming nuns are the Storybrooke equivalent of fairies, and his problem with fairies is their control of fairy dust. Just a theory, though.

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