thoughts on shameless: parenthood

Previously on Shameless: A Bottle of Jean Nate

  • Lip tells Fiona that he dropped out of school during his Senior year.
  • Fiona tells Lip that she will go back and finish high school if he does the same.
  • Steve/Jimmy decides to coach Carl’s football team.
  • Karen and Lip shop around for adoption ideas.
  • Frank catches Ian and Mickey having sex.
  • Mickey sets out to kill Frank so he doesn’t tell everyone what he saw.
  • Lip gets expelled from school but his guidance counselor tells Fiona that another school will except him.
  • Mickey decides not to kill Frank…but he punches a cop instead to intentionally violate his probation.
  • Lip tells Fiona that he isn’t going to school anymore. Fiona gives him an ultimatum: School or leave. Lip leaves…
  • Grammy gives Sheila permission to suffocate her because she doesn’t want to suffer with her cancer anymore.
  • Frank goes to his ex-wife Monica after he finds out his mother is dead.

The Good Ole High School Try: Fiona’s high school days – or education in general – have been a recurring topic this season so this storyline seems to fit. She does everything else so why not go back to school. Her GED program might not be the equivalent to Lip’s actual schoolwork but she sets a great example. I think she’ll complete the program but I don’t see her continuing past that. She has too much to do at home and she isn’t going to leave the reigns in the hands of Lip or Ian and definitely not Frank.

Baby to the Highest Bidder: Lip has been planing on taking care of Karen’s child since he found out she was pregnant but she has her mind set on getting rid of the baby. We all know Lip has “daddy issues” – and rightfully so – but when is he going to tell Karen he would rather make sure the child is taken care of with affection as opposed to money? Lip gets stupid when it comes to Karen but he is only torturing himself the more he lets it go on. She tends to walk right over him – and any other man in her life for that matter. Lip must love being a glutton for psychological punishment because I don’t see why he has let this go on for as long as it has.

Angel of Death? Now that Grammy’s ticker doesn’t tock anymore is Frank going to stop being emo? Hopefully. Is he going to mad horrible decisions because of it? His name IS Frank Gallagher. Case in point, why is he going back to Monica (Chloe Webb)? Didn’t her and her truck driving lesbian lover cause enough hell last season? I could be wrong though. Maybe she comes back and actually tries to do what’s right for the family instead of for herself.

(No Longer) Lost in Translation: Maybe it’s nothing but does Estefania’s phone conversation tip us off to a confrontation in the future? She told someone that she “only wanted to be you” and she isn’t having sex with Steve. Also, she called Liam a “crack baby”.

On the next Shameless: Hurricane Monica

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