thoughts on parks and recreation: lucky

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Campaign Shake-Up

This wasn’t the LOL-packed episode I was hoping for to send us off onto a month long hiatus (in case you didn’t already know Community returns next week). Leslie has been much funnier as a drunk and Sean Hayes’ character was a little too understated. However, in this night of odd pairings (i.e., Donna and Jerry spending the night together, working of course) there were two things that saved the episode: continuity (more on that below) and quotes. Here are my favorite spots in Lucky, along with a few stray observations:

  • Tom said this back in season two “When Tiger Woods feels invincible he wears a red shirt and black pants. Ron wears the same thing after he’s had sex.” What did Ron wear after his night with Professor Linda (played by Danielle Bisutti)? A red shirt. Continuity done right.
  • Leslie’s mini-fashion show and the pièce de résistance, her Sandy-esque outfit (“Those pants look dooope”). The ‘nympho’ on the butt made me think she probably stole those pants from some local Pawnee girl destined to be on an upcoming installment of Teen Mom.
  • Apparently Andy was still taking his women’s studies class. Points for continuity. However, minus points for waiting until he took the final to mention anything about the class.
  • “I told you. If you can’t remember what some woman did, just tear up and say ‘she changed my life’.” Great advice from April….unless it’s a multiple choice exam.
  • Tom telling Ben he’s not the president of The Boring Club because he lost the election, due to his election speech being too boring.
  • “I was hoping for a P-Plus, but those do not exist. Right?” Andy, the college course grad, on his passing grade.
  • Ann and Tom’s swag handshake.
  • Why are you here eating alone?” – April “I’m not. I’m surrounded by friends. Friends I don’t know yet.” -Chris
  • I’m sorry Marcus, I have to cancel our bath.” I can’t possibly express how much more of Donna I’d like to see before the season ends.
  • “…found a small piece of carpet without a horrifying smell-scape.” The first of quite a few rude comments from Buddy Wood (the usually hilarious Sean Hayes).
  • Chris carries his own salad dressing.
  • But what if super baby became too powerful?” Andy on the possible super offspring of Chris and Professor Linda. Although, that probably won’t be an issue.
  • Andy’s face when Chris used the term ‘male gaze’.
  • A fitting end to a bizarre interview and a sad moment in a depressing city with no hope in the waning moments of the bitter saga that has been a contentious campaign.” The best of quite a few rude comments from Buddy Wood.
  • “I’m very proud of me and you are too.” Andy gets the greatest lines, after Tom of course.
  • Chris considers land yakking a suitable date activity.
  • “It ain’t government work if you don’t have to do it twice.” Jerry…after Jerry-ing up the letters he spent all night sealing.
  • There’s that shirt!” Chris, on what he’ll one day realize is Ron’s “had sex last night” red shirt.
  • The return of the mobile hot tub from Meet n Greet. More continuity, more points.
  • Tom’s 48-hour anniversary gift to Ann? 48 condoms. Have these two even had sex yet? I feel that we’re not being allowed to experience all the fun little details of this love affair.


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