thoughts on shameless: hurricane monica

Previously on Shameless: Parenthood

  • Monica says she is back in the Gallagher house to stay.
  • Lip searches for a place to stay since he left home. Karen says he has to pay rent. Veronica tells him to go home. Steve lets him stay with him only if he hacks into someone’s voicemail account.
  • Frank and Monica sneak into Sheila’s house to find the money Grammy had before she died. They find nothing and Frank eventually finds out, from Jody, that he mailed the money to Frank’s brothers.
  • Jody ad Sheila get intimate after they spend so much time trying to get him back in Karen’s good graces.
  • Monica begins to break through with Ian. She takes him out to a gay club and tells him not to be ashamed of who he is.
  • Lip finds out that Estefania is in love – or lust at the least – with another man.
  • Fiona still has her suspicions about Monica being back around the kids because she doesn’t think it is going to be long-term.

Third Time’s The Charm: Monica’s return seems to be going fairly well to this point. She isn’t still with “Bob”. She isn’t trying to get sole custody of Liam. And she seems to want back in her children’s lives. I questioned her motives last season but now I think she really does mean to do the right thing.  Maybe I’m naive – or just stupid – but I’m giving her a chance this time around. We know she can be just as erratic and reckless as Frank but she actually seems to be concerned with the well-being of her children. Now I sit back and wait until this blows up in my face.

Mother Knows Best: I know Jody was desperate to get back in the house full-time but I’m not sure he made the right decision. Sheila can be a bit…well…anal. But if he likes an occasional “pegging” session (just go ahead and wiki that because I try to keep things SFW around here) then more power to you. This is definitely going to get a reaction from Karen but I’m just not sure how postal she is going to go but I think you can throw “mommy issues” to her ever-growing list of problems.

Estefaina’s Fraud: I knew there was something more to Estefania being on he phone 87% of the time she was on screen. I don’t speak Portuguese so I couldn’t validate my suspicions until Lip came along. But it didn’t really take that much effort to figure out what she was saying during her conversation at Steve’s place. She was confident enough to be in her underwear with another man, virtually, in the same room with her as she engaged in some steamy phone sex so she clearly doesn’t think that much of it. I still would like to see her not-so-hidden relationship come to a head somehow. Whether it be Steve confronting her with the help of an iPhone app or by her druglord father making a trip to the states to get her I just want there to be some conclusion before the season ends.

On the next Shameless: A Great Cause

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