modern family recapping: send out the clowns

Previously on Modern Family: Leap Day

Clown funeral

A clown funeral is very different from a real person funeral. When clowns die it’s customary for all his clown friends to look and act ridiculous even on this sad occasion. Cam and his clown buddies did just that for their clown mentor Professor Ringleader. Mitchell just kept rolling his eyes and I don’t blame him. Leave it to Modern Family to make a funeral funny. We learn about Cam’s old clown partner Lewis (Bobby Cannavale), who was apparently very bitter when Cam broke up the group for Mitchell. After a drunken night they decide to but the act back together. Cam meant for one show. Lewis meant FOREVER! When he learns the truth he tries to choke Cam while a bunch of children unknowingly laugh at their act.

Manny made a new friend, Griffin, the coolest guy in Manny’s class Jay tells us. I’m a little concerned about why Jay knows that, but we’ll just say he’s observant. Jay assumes that Griffin is using Manny for something because a cool guy like Manny doesn’t hang out with someone who says “Salutations” when he greets his guests. Jay comes to the conclusion that it’s because of his knew motorcycle and a need for a cool role model. When Griffin arrives and stares right at Gloria’s chest, we know the truth but Jay still doesn’t. Gloria and Jay tell Manny about Griffin’s crush after Griffin invites them to his house for a pool party. Manny is relieved, seems he was only using Griffin for his sister Chloe.

Mitzi Roth

Phil is after the biggest listing of his career. He tells the kids, by playing the nice guy he has succeeded. Except not, because some bitch name Mitzi (Ellen Barkin) swoops in fake falls and takes the listing. Phil will not accept defeat and uses Luke’s spy pen to get Mitzi to admit what she did. Oldest trick in the book Mitzi catches on and sabotages. Then Luke runs into Mitzi at the grocery store and tells her the sad story of balloon payments and Mitzi gives the listing back to Phil. Silly Mitzi, that’s the oldest trick in the book. Claire meanwhile is trying to get Haley and Alex to friend her on Facebook. They’ve been avoiding it because they don’t want her to see their walls. Finally they give in and get a treat when Claire’s friend from college tags her in spring break picture.

Lily spitting her drink at Mitchell

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Lily spitting her water out at Mitchell
  • The clown funeral
  • Luke and Phil’s con in the grocery store
  • Manny tells his mom to dress accordingly for the pool party


Cam: “We were great together, we spoke each other’s language, we finished each other’s balloon animals.”

Claire: “Hey how come you guys haven’t accepted my friend requests?”
Haley: “I didn’t know you were on Facebook.”
Alex: “Yeah you said it was only for teenagers or people who wanted to have affairs.”

Claire: “Tear down the wall!”

Phil: “I’m like a boxer before a fight, that’s why I didn’t have sex with Claire last night.” TMI Phil…TMI

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