thoughts on community: urban matrimony and the sandwich arts

Previously on Community (months ago): Regional Holiday Music

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Community has returned! We have left the darkest timeline and finally, we can shed our evil goatees and return to a world where Thursday nights are filled with (at least 30 minutes, 20-22 if we’re being technical and not counting the commercials) of pure joy. This may not have been the funniest episode of the season, but similar to the pilot episode so many years ago, it was solid enough and still way better than most of the other network comedies. The episode intro with Joel saying he’ll be playing Chevy Chase and Chase will be playing Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock’s ‘zombie episode’ was a nice attempt from NBC to demonstrate they have at least a drop of respect for the show’s viewers and wanted to acknowledge the annoying hiatus.

Shirley and Andre got (re)married. Jeff and Britta, who I’m starting to realize are naturally narcissistic in two completely different ways, made the whole event about their own issues with weddings. Troy and Abed went normal, which was strange and remind me of Paul and Jenna’s normaling. Pierce tried to step out of his daddy’s shadow and Annie just wanted to plan a wedding. Aside from two appearances from Annie’s boobs (the awesome kind and the monkey kind), here were my favorite things about this week’s episode:

  • Andre’s Boyz II Men style proposal: “Baby girl, I have loved you ever since there was a Soviet Union and only one Damon Wayans.”
  • An analogy really is like a thought with another thought’s hat on. Points for Britta.
  • Abed making ‘the noise that people make when they’re offended’ from all of Annie’s favorite movies, which are probably rom-coms.
  • The Trouser Bench, for the man on the go who makes frequent stops. Not the worst idea in the world, assuming you have access to all the ambulances.
  • Troy and Abed crab-walking home.
  • Someone put a little bit of effort into making the Shirley’s Sandwich Show logo…and I want it as a t-shirt.
  • Solely based on the sounds, and Troy and Abed’s amazingness, I’m really excited to see what goes on inside that Dreamatorium.
  • The realization that Shirley’s shrill voice is the ‘sexy voice’ to Andre.
  • The Lindberg Lean is clearly the poor man’s Electric Slide.


“Pierce, why do you look like a wealthy murderer?” – Troy

“Wireless racism: the future of the past is now.” – Jeff

“When is our culture gonna outgrow this wedding thing?” – Britta
“You’re anti-wedding now?” – Annie
“No, she’s just pro-anti.” – Jeff
“No to everything you both said.” – Britta

“I could go as Normal Man and you could be my trusty sidekick, Ordanario.” – Abed
“No, that’s already weird.” – Troy

“We don’t call anything by its name, that’s like day one floral school.” – Floral school guy

“‘Websters dictionary defines’ is the Jim Belushi of speech openings.” Annie



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