thoughts on the walking dead: beside the dying fire

Previously on The Walking Dead: Better Angels

  • A herd of walkers are attracted to the farm after Shane and Carl’s gunfire.
  • All the survivors are split up. Jimmy and Patricia are killed while Andrea is, inadvertently, left behind.
  • Everyone, minus Andrea, regroup at the road where the season started.
  • Andrea runs through the woods while fighting off waves of walkers.
  • The survivors make camp near the road for the night.
  • Rick tells Lori that he had to kill Shane.
  • Andrea has run out of ammo and is about to be attacked by a walker when a mysterious swords(wo)man saves her.
  • Rick tells the survivors that Jenner told him – while at the CDC – that everyone is already infected. He also seems to take more of a stern approach with the group after they – again – challenge his leadership role.
  • A nearby prison seems to foreshadow the next locale for season three.

Battle Royale at the Barn: The amount of walkers that stormed the barn was insane! Were they all really following that helicopter until they heard Shane and Carl’s gunshots? Why didn’t the survivors just camp out on the road for awhile then head back to the barn? It’s not like the walkers are going to take up residency. I doubt they care about thread counts and rooming arrangements.

Jenner Knows Best: Now that the survivors know they are inevitably doomed to be among the walking dead how will they react? Is all hope lost? I don’t think so. As far as we know the infection doesn’t affect life util after death so…party on dudes!

Samurais With Slaves? It doesn’t make any sense to me either but we all saw it. Who is Andrea’s hooded savior and where did they come from? Are they going to actually help Andrea or is she in more trouble than she was before? Why were those walkers in chains and why does the fact that their arms were cut off deter them from still biting..ya know…with their mouths? Someone better answers these questions for me…but without all those icky *spoilers*.

Zombie Baby?! Here’s looking at you Lori. I wouldn’t think that the infection would cause two living humans to create a dead…living…baby? But don’t quote me on that.

Rick, Finally! Was I the only one who almost leaped with joy when Rick told everyone to STFU? Maybe him killing Shane was exactly what he needed to push himself over the edge and I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to it. They have been challenging his leadership role all season and, now that he is claiming it, I can’t wait to see who is the first to rebel against a more aggressive  Rick.

Salvation in Solitary? Maybe it sounds like an oxymoron – or just plain stupid – but prison could be the best thing to happen to our favorite group of vagabonds. I think it’s safe to assume that the prison is going to have a few inhabitants already nestled inside upon arrival though. I’m hoping for a pleasant mixture of living and dead – all about equal opportunity around these parts. Rick asked for a place to “fortify”, and when I think prison just guess what word comes to mind? Cell blocks unite!

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on the walking dead: beside the dying fire

  1. JoniKickAHoleInYourZombie says:

    I’m just glad they are off that that stupid farm! Why the hell do they drag crap out only to make an epic 2 episode clintcher!? Geese, it’s like the person who wrote the farm drama decided to go on vacation and then someone who plays Left 4 Dead decided he/she would take a stab at it in two episodes… Thank you for not ending it on one of those moments seen earlier where you see it coming and hate the writer for bringing predictability in… I.E. the scene when Lori decides to get Rick after he’d been gone a short time (getting the old man), drive while looking at her map, perfectly timed for the zombie on the road, queue started idiot who floors it into a car flip!

    Please go back to 6 episodes of awesome…

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