thoughts on shameless: just like the pilgrims intended

  • Lip leaves recorded messages for his soon to be adopted child.
  • Monica is in a near catatonic state after burning out on illegal drugs.
  • Frank gets Monica to help him get money from his brother Clayton, who always “had a thing” for her.
  • Marcos finally makes it to Chicago.
  • Karen goes into labor. She also tells Sheila that it’s fine that she has sex with Jody.
  • Fiona invites Lip over for Thanksgiving.
  • Mandy wants Lip to “talk about” the state of their new relationship.
  • Debbie is worried about hereditary depression.
  • Monica slits her wrists during Thanksgiving dinner but makes it to the hospital in time to receive treatment.
  • Karen gives birth to an Asian child with Down’s Syndrome. The potential adopting couple are clearly disappointed so they leave without the child. Sheila and Jody then kidnap the newborn.

Secret Cutting: It was fun seeing Monica in her prime (I guess) during previous episodes so I was pretty sad that she had been reduced to such a state. Yeah, she’s a reckless tornado charged by drugs and sex but…that’s about it really. She gave the family a glimpse of hope to boost morale. When she came back to the house I never expected her to stay this long but I hope she recovers and comes back to the house next season.

Timmy Wong, Really?! Of course the baby wasn’t Lip’s. Did I think it was going to be so blatantly obvious? (insert Asian newborn) No. I really like Lip as a character. Although the Gallagher household/family is an extreme case, Lip is  just struggling to find out where he belongs each season. this time he thought it was with Karen and what he thought was to be  his child. Clearly that answer was wrong. I just hope Lip isn’t spending the majority of his time being everyone else’s punching bag next season.

(Not Your) Born Identity: It was a bold move giving Marcos an already false identity as a false identity – hope I didn’t lose you there – but am I the only one who thinks that’s going to come back to haunt Jimmy in the future?  But when a naked man with a corkscrew in his arse – meat not cavity – has his foot on your chest with intent to kill you any plan becomes your best plan.

Newborn-Friendly Hospice: When it comes to Sheila, I can’t even pretend to think that I understand what is going through her mind. There is no way she gets to keep Karen’s child but I want to see how they go about trying to do so. I could be wrong though. The two most incompetent characters on the show might be parenting savants.

On the Season Finale of Shameless: Fiona Interrupted 

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on shameless: just like the pilgrims intended

  1. maddy says:

    “◦Monica is in a near catatonic state after burning out on illegal drugs” – you are way off – she’s manic bi-polar…. she was off her meds and that’s why she was so hyper all the time. Mixing that with drugs and alcohol only made it worse. She crashed because that’s what happens to manic bi-polar people who are off their meds after one of their manic highs, they crash and don’t get out of bed for days…

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