thoughts on community: pillows and blankets

Previously on Community: Digital Exploration of Interior Design

Troy and Abed’s factions (Blanketsburg and Pillowtown, respectively) begin to wage war. With the help of some documentary-style camerawork and some “student cell phone footage” we get an inside look on both sides of the battle. Britta is trying her hand at instagram (photography for hipsters). Annie is helping treat small abrasions and slightly grazed testicles – which is much worse than it sounds. Shirley and Pierce take to the front lines. And Jeff rallies both sides in an attempt to avoid doing work for classes that no one seems to go to anyway. I am a fan of Community’s ability to create an episode within an episode, and this was another success. Here are my favorite moments:


  • Forget about Kony, have you heard of the “Chang-lorious Basterds”? (You called it, Chris!)
  • How did a semi-senile Pierce construct, possibly, the most awesome pillow mech of all time? That suit was cheat codes!
  • The episode’s main narrator (Keith David) is one of my favorite voice talent actors (Mass Effect series, Gargoyles) but even he was ashamed to fess up to being involved with NBC’s The Cape. Sorry Abed… 
  • Of course Jeff is staying true to his role of “group unifier” (that title may or may not be official just yet so thread lightly) by trying to make sure Abed and Troy end their feud.
  • Chang’s possum strategy during the pillow fight is indicative of his guerilla antics. Chang is the revolution!
  • Jeff recording the initial battle on his cell phone as Dean Pelton screams for his help.
  • Every time I see Britta I see Michael Jackson. Some things you just can’t unsee!
  • Shout-outs to Fat Neil for giving me the name to Troy and Abed’s favorite elevator music…it’s called “Daybreak” by Michael Haggins if you’re more interested than you should be.


“Do people go to classes?” -Dean Pelton

“…Pierce Hawthorne takes Troy’s side. Citing that Abed is ‘weirder and more foreign’…” -Narrator

“He is part man. Part pillow. All carnage” -Narrator

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