thoughts on glee: saturday night glee-ver

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Big Brother


  • Schuester and Sylvester encourage the New Directions to perform songs from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
  • Schuester is worried about certain members (Santana, Finn, Mercedes) so he singles them out to compete for a replica of Tony Manero’s polyester suit. But what Schuester really wants is for his kids to figure out what they want to do with their lives after high school.
  • Finn and Rachel finally hash out their issues about (not?) moving to New York.
  • A member of Vocal Adrenaline comes to Mercedes and Kurt asking for help about being him/herself during their Regional competition.
  • In an effort to make help Santana famous, Brittany posts one of their sextapes online.
  • Sam does the same thing for Mercedes…except the “sextape” was her performance of “Disco Inferno”. Santana and Brit were involved too if that helps you at all…


Destination Unknown: So, Finn and Rachel are talking again. She even thought about his future for a change and decided that she could stay in Ohio for college. Even though Finn initially dismissed the notion, he seemed to reconsider after watching John Travolta strut his way to Manhattan. We still don’t know what or, more importantly, where the couple plan to be after graduation.

Seriously…Where’s the link to the Brittana sextape?

Wishful Thinking: I think it’s safe to give up thinking Finn will ever be able to coordinate the upper half of his body with the bottom in any type of rhythmic function. Not even Booty Camp can cure Solomon Grundy – never thought those two nouns would ever be in the same sentence. Thank you, Sue Sylvester!

Long, Lost Lovechild? Just act like you weren’t thinking the same thing when Wade (Alex Newell) was standing next to Kurt and Mercedes. If you say you weren’t then I still wouldn’t believe you because you’re clearly not an honest person. I definitely wasn’t expecting him to go on stage as “Unique” but would it be weird if I said he was a better looking woman than I could ever be? I want to see how Jesse St. James handles Wade’s rebellion because I’m only sure that Vocal Adrenaline will be at Nationals.

Confirmation: The University of Louisville is, in fact, in Louisville. What would we do without you Brittany?

Well I’ll Be Sam’d: I thought Sam was doomed to be in the background for the rest of the season until now. He didn’t have any other story lines to cling to since his door with Mercedes was closed…or so we thought. I’m glad that Sam made such a bold move. I don’t know whether he did it because he wants to help Mercedes or because he knew it would get him back in her good graces but both are working for him now.


You Should Be Dancing – Blaine, Brittany and Mike (A+): No corny outfits, three of my favorite performers and Blaine redeemed himself for those missteps last week. Best opening performance in awhile!

Night Fever – Will, Sue, Blaine and Joe (A): Schuester needed a break after the Ricky Martin episode debacle, but it was good to have him back. This was great, but it could have benefited from more Teen Jesus singing and Kentucky Fried Stripper body-rolling from Sam.

Disco Inferno – Mercedes, Brittany and Santana (A+): Mercedes definitely proved that she’ll NEVER be just skim milk. I wouldn’t say she’s better than Rachel, only because it’s become evident they have completely different strengths, both vocally and as performers. Anytime Santana and Brittany act as background singers every performance automatically becomes at least 30% better.

If I Can’t Have You – Santana (B): This was my least favorite performance of the night, which is to say it was great when compared to everything else being amazing. Maybe if this song had been dedicated to Brittany and not ‘fame’, Santana would have had more energy. Regardless, she was still an A+(+ + +) visually.

How Deep Is Your Love – Rachel (A): I thought I was over the Berry Ballads at this point. Turns out, I’m not. It’s still cute watching her sing to Finn. Similar to Schue, she benefited form having a little downtime.

Boogie Shoes – Wade/Unique (A): Mr. St. James may have been shocked and appalled that Wade performed as Unique, but clearly the members of Vocal Adrenaline were not. Their performance didn’t falter and yet again they proved why they’re one of the New Directions biggest competitors.

More Than a Woman – Finn, Kurt and Santana (A+): Vocally, this song had Kurt written allll over it, but Finn did just fine taking the lead. The dancing was perfect and I really think the show would benefit if the light-up floor stuck around for a few episodes. And was it just me or did Rachel look especially tan during this performance?

Stayin’ Alive – Finn, Mercedes and Santana (A+): Finn’s strut was a hard walk, Mercedes had a diva walk and Santana walked like she always does. John Travolta’s title as Legendary Strutter is safe for now. Strutting aside, this was yet another great group number, I just hope poor Becky wasn’t required to sew all of those polyester suits!

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3 thoughts on “thoughts on glee: saturday night glee-ver

  1. Corey says:

    You do know that Solomon Grundy is a DC villain right?

    • will33t4food says:

      Did I inadvertently say he was from Marvel or any other universe? Because that would be semi-blasphemous since I’m a life long Marvel man myself.

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