revenge recapping: doubt

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new episode so you may need to catch up, previously on Revenge: Scandal

Emily has been working overtime to try and figure out how she’s going to handle the new wrench in her plan. Takeda has Emily, so she’s secure for now. The Graysons are trying to figure out how to spin the story so Daniel goes free. They begin to point a finger towards Jack, which doesn’t sit well with Emily. She suggests enlisting Mason Treadwell’s help, to spin the story in their favor. But of course, knowing Emily, she’ll be spinning this in her favor, not the Graysons.

Emily and Victoria

Queen Victoria needs to send a message to Daniel. The message comes in the shape of a vicious beating that will get Daniel out of prison and under house arrest. Emily suspects the plot and follows Victoria to a shady bar where she pays off a shady character and receives a drink from a past lover. Mason Treadwell is sniffing out his story and the scent leads him to Jack Porter, who tells him to get lost. Declan agrees to offer Mason his story about what he saw on the beach, especially since Charlotte was  high on painkillers and is not a reliable witness. While Mason is writing his first blog post, a message pops up and tells him to look in the bottom drawer. When he does, he finds the tapes from his house, giving him reason to suspect Amanda wasn’t behind his house burning down.

Daniel in prison

Daniel gets released from prison and put on house arrest, which is cause for celebration. But Mason’s blog post questions the hooded man theory and rids the prosecution of its key witness, giving the defense absolutely nothing to work with. Jack asked Nolan to get more information about the wire transfer. Nolan feeds him the information that the transfer was to Amanda’s account and the bank is in Canada. He tells Jack to go find Amanda and the truth. Emily, on the other hand, goes on a completely self-serving mission to hunt down the shady man that Victoria uses for her more nefarious errands. Emily uses the opportunity to beat the man up “for Jack” and get a mold of his key. I wonder what she’ll use that for.

With the defense now grasping for straws, Queen Victoria suggests to Daniel that they turn the tables on the owner of the gun, which is Emily. Daniel doesn’t like that and threatens to confess to everything if Emily is brought into this. Loyal to a fault. I wonder how they’ll spin their defense now.


Charlotte: “You’re just another puppet in the Grayson family play and it’s time for your exit.” (Clever way to break up with someone)

Emily: “What do you want?”
Nolan: “World peace but let’s start small.”

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2 thoughts on “revenge recapping: doubt

  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    That was a long six-week wait. I’m so glad Revenge is back and ‘Doubt’ was an excellent return episode. It made me thankful to have my new DVR, the Hopper. An unexpected emergency had me leaving the house right before the show started (luckily it turned out to be something minor). I thought I was going to miss Revenge though, only to have something big spoiled the next day by one of my coworkers at Dish, who’s more of a fanatic about this show than me. But then, after I got back I realized my Hopper had PrimeTime Anytime enabled, so it automatically recorded everything on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. So I was able to see it before anything got spoiled, and it was the perfect way to wind down from the excitement before going to bed.

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