30 rock recapping: murphy brown lied to us

Previously on 30 Rock: Meet the Woggels


Liz and Criss are spring cleaning and Criss stumbles across the box of adoption information. Liz explains it was something she was considering a few years back, but ultimately she decided against it. She finds a Princess Leia costume in the adoption box and gives it to Jack. With Criss and Liz really beginning to nest, Jack can’t help setting up Liz on one last date. Liz initially says no, but decides to go anyway so she can tell Jack he was wrong.

Kevin, Liz’s date, turns out to be terrible, but his daughter Cat, is awesome. Criss interrupts the date because although he approved the date, he suddenly became jealous and felt the need to fight the man for Liz. She tells him not to bother because Kevin is terrible. The two sit down and enjoy a lovely time with Cat, which brings them both to the same conclusion: Liz should be a mom.

Torture couch

Kouchtown will begin selling the first 10,000 of its couches. The prototype is amazing, Liz especially likes that the fabric is drool absorbent. Even the commercial powerful boasts about the American made couches but in reality the American factory workers, including Stewart Der (played by the hilarious Bobby Moynihan of Saturday Night Live), know nothing about engineering and the result is a couch that’s more like a torture device. Jack just needs to find a market that could use a torturous couch. His target: the US government.

paul, jenna, tracy

Jenna is on a quest to get Paul back and everyone knows the best way to get someone back is to fake a break down. She enlists Tracy’s help and the two build up to her big break down moment: jumping through the glass on The Today Show. After which she ends up in the hospital awaiting visits from her old lovers including, David Blaine, her high school gym teacher, Frank and spider infested flowers from Mickey Rourke. Paul doesn’t show. Tracy tells Jenna he thinks she had a real break down and Jenna knows its because she made a mistake letting Paul go but….Paul is there, dressed as a red headed nurse. They have reunited.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Criss and Liz playacting a porno.
  • Jack trying to endure the torturous couch.
  • CIA using the couch to torture a Korean man.


Spokesman: When did gum get so soft you sons of bitches?

Tracy: Jenna I’ve been thinking.
Jenna: Why? You’re famous.

Criss: Sent from one of my four iPads? This guy sounds amazing.

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