modern family recapping: planes, trains, and cars

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Phil and Andre and the Porsche

Phil is looking to lease a new car. Despite his consistency with car leases, always getting a reliable sedan, he’d like the car salesman to work his magic. No need his neighbor Andre (played by Kevin Hart) is going to do it for him. But Andre doesn’t sweet talk Phil into that reliable sedan. He gets him into a Porsche convertible. We all know Claire’s gonna hate it, but she acts super fine with it when Phil brings the car home.

Then later, when Phil is on his way to show a house and he can’t fit the “For Sale” sign into the car, and he has to pick up his client and her mother who will not fit in the coupe, Claire offers to switch cars as long as he picks up the kids. With the top down, Claire ditches her errands and drives up the coast and to the beach where she does cartwheels until she loses the car keys. Phil drives the kids around and learns many things about their lives. Claire and Phil both decide that though the car does give them a sense of freedom, they should trade it in for a sedan, and just make a pact to go to the beach more often.

Mitchell and Cam want to give Lily a chance to explore her city and what it has to offer, so they take her on a trip to Chinatown. After exiting the subway, Mitchell begins to Purell, but Lily needs help tying her shoe. Cam tosses a ‘Purelling’ Mitchell Lily’s bunny, which Mitchell, already a bad catcher even when his hands are empty, fails to catch. It sails into the open subway car, just before the door closes and is lost forever. Mitchell thinks they should use this as an opportunity to teach Lily about loss. Cam prefers to put up signs about the lost Bunny. In the end they find a homeless man snuggling with Bunny and after sneezing, coughing, and drooling all over it, decided it’s high time Lily learned about loss.

Jay, Gloria, Manny, and the Chopper

Jay is taking Gloria and Manny to Pebble Beach to meet up with some old football pals. He rented a private plane for the occasion, but Gloria refuses to fly in to the little plane. So they decided to drive but then the car breaks down and they can’t get parts. So the mechanic, smitten by Gloria, offers to chopper them to Pebble Beach. Gloria again refuses. So they rent a motel, which Manny is not too pleased with. Jay is still trying to get them to Pebble Beach and when Gloria asks him why, he explains it’s because the other guys never expected much of him and he wants to show her off. This is worth the risk for Gloria because she decides the chopper is safe enough after all.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Haley chewing loudly and Alex speaking Chinese while Phil drives the two girls
  • Manny’s snobbishness
  • Phil trying to sell the car to Andre, who comes up with excuses not to buy to because he’s too afraid to ask his wife.
  • Gloria not being insulted about Jay wanting to parade her around like a trophy wife.


Claire: “I did cartwheels.”
Phil: “Without me?”

Phil: “Alex is teaching herself Chinese so she’ll be useful when they finish buying us.”

Manny: “I don’t like the sound of that. A lot of amenities disappear when an H turns into an M!”
Jay: “Hey when I met you, you were eating cereal out of a bucket.”

Jay: “What do you say? Anybody up for a hobo adventure?”

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