thoughts on community: course listing unavailable

Previously on Community: Basic Lupine Urology

The study group is at odds about how to remember Alex “Starburns” Osbourne after his tragic death due to his mobile meth lab explosion. Chang and his Basterds are looking to take a more heavy-handed role in “protecting” Greendale – complete with “tiny riot gear” and copious amounts of pepper spray. Jeff, Annie, Shirley and Pierce not-so-inadvertently incite a campus wide riot – which seems to be a growing trend this season. Chang finds a doppleganger (J.P. Manoux) for Dean Pelton so that he can help remove Greendale’s favorite study group and take control of the campus himself. After the study group gets expelled, and is back in Tro-bed Edison’s apartment, Abed tries to think if he should have let Jeff’s reality be the one they lived in. Somehow, I have a hunch they’ll find a way to get back into Greendale…they still have summer school to attend ya know. Here are some of my favorite moments…

  • I hate glitter but Heaven seems cool so I hope Britta was wrong about the description of the afterlife.
  • I love that Dean Pelton gets dressed just to visit the study group. Also, he seems to be a fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Dean Pelton > Latrice Royale
  • Garrett is my favorite secondary cast member – I dream to be as spastic as he is one day – so maybe my input is biased but…Shirley couldn’t compete with that “Ave Maria”.
  • I have seen tussles, fights and the occasional brawl–with the help of the webernet of course– in pretty much every major restaurant but I doubt I have EVER seen one at a Subway location. Thank you, Greendale.
  • Can we change the name of the show to “The Greendale 7”?! Just for one episode? Can that be the subtitle for the Community movie that’s coming out when I decide to make it?
  • I can’t wait for the next time I have to give a speech because I’m definitely ending it with “Edison out!” followed by dropping the mic. Also, my last name is not Edison.


If we rub (Starburn’s urn) will he come out and do celebrity impressions?” -Troy
I don’t think so.” -Abed
Then I want it out of here!” -Troy

Death is a natural part of life and by the time I finish this sentence 100 people will have died in China.” -Jeff
Why did you finish that sentence?! I have to call my pen pal.” -Troy

…when are we gonna talk about this horrible thing that’s happened?” -Annie
Is it always the Holocaust with you people?” -Pierce

We’re not even the best community college in our community.” -Annie

13 years of college down the drain.” -Pierce
I was gonna be the first one in my family to graduate from community college. Everyone else graduated from normal college…now they’re really gonna give me a hard time.” -Troy

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on community: course listing unavailable

  1. Olivia says:

    Oh god, that first quote you have, about Starburn’s urn was definitely one of my favorite moments of the night…maybe my favorite…although, the singing narration by the Dean is also in the running.
    “Come on I’m Dean/ And my hands are so clean/ At this moment…I am STAY-peling!” 🙂

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