glee recapping: prom-asaurus

Here’s what you missed on Glee: Choke


  • Class President Brittany S. Pierce chooses “Dinosaurs” as the theme for prom.
  • Quinn makes a breakthrough during physical therapy but keeps it a secret from everyone else, except for Joe.
  • Quinn uses Finn to help her win Prom Queen which upsets Rachel.
  • Becky is upset that she wasn’t on the  ballot for Prom Queen.
  • Rachel decides to have an “Anti-Prom” at a hotel for those who don’t want to go to the real prom.
  • Quinn has a change of heart after she realizes being Queen doesn’t drastically change her life.

Queen Quinn: Well kinda. Rachel usually gets all the flack for being narcissistic but Quinn has been running parallel with her the entire time. I didn’t expect Quinn to give Rachel the Prom Queen victory but maybe she realizes that she has done everything she wanted to do while at McKinley – although I’m not sure if having Beth was on that list. I still think she tried to steal the show just a tad by getting out of her wheelchair while Rachel and Finn were having their first dance. Old habits die hard I suppose.

Voice Over: Becky is a genius for giving her inner thoughts an English accent. I wonder if it’s too late for me to change mine to Australian…but maybe I should learn the language first…?

Heisler Hoax: Maybe I’m a burgeoning alcoholic but I’ve been looking for the Heisler beer brand at the local adult beverage connoisseur shop and I couldn’t find it. Not only did I see it on this episode of Glee but like every other episode of  New GirlCome to find out that it was only a prop beer made for television shows. I guess I’ll find other ways to help the economy.

Broccoli Blaine: Simply put: NOT a fan.


Big Girls Don’t Cry – Rachel, Kurt and Blaine (B) Blaine noted that this song is ‘sort of a downer’ and he’s pretty accurate, which is why it’s so confusing that the trio performed this for seemingly no good reason.

Dinosaur – Brittany (B) Once again Brittany proved that Britney isn’t the only bleach-blonde pop star performance that she can pull off. Plus, any time there’s dancing cheerleaders with dino heads, it’s bound to be at least a little cool.

Love You Like a Love Song – Santana, Brittany and Tina (B) Three gorgeous girls in amazing prom attire and the perfect prom song, which should have meant a slam dunk performance. However, Finn’s dramatics ruined the mood. Good job Finn.

What Makes You Beautiful – Mike, Sam, Joe, Rory and Artie (A) For those of you with “One Direction Infection”, I apologize, but I much prefer these five to any of the other boy bands currently ruling the radio waves. It must be pointed out that Rory clearly had a hint of gel in his well-coiffed ‘do, how is that fair??

Take My Breath Away – Quinn and Santana (A) “It’s a prom miracle.” Not only was this the first Santana/Quinn duet, but for the first time in a long time, the moment wasn’t marred by anything negative or overly dramatic. A great “aww” moment to take us into the close of the season.


“Everything dies. Maybe the saddest of them all is the death of a dream.” – Rachel

“Would you mind taking your loser talk somewhere else? I don’t want to catch ‘failure’.” – Becky

“I’ve already been accepted at Purdue.” – Brittany
“The university?” – Principal Figgins
“No, the chicken factory.” – Brittany, who is no stranger to Lord Tubbington’s Ponzi schemes

“Shut it Richard Simmons.” – Santana

“How is everyone ‘welcome’ when this is clearly just a party for you and the two gay Winklevoss twins?” – Sanatana

“What are you looking at Jar Jar Binks.” – Sue

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