thoughts on community: curriculum unavailable

Previously on Community: Course Listing Unavailable

Similar to Paradigms Of Human Memory, this episode served as one of those end-of-season filler clip shows without all the stink and boring repetitiveness of an actual clip show. Assuming what we even watched this evening was really Community and not some ‘mentally compatible alternative to the grim reality’ of all the other lame shows we’ve been avoiding all season. For the sake of time and sanity, we’ll just assume Community is real and that this episode serves as yet another deconstruction of the show, characters and subsequently the viewing experience we all share week after week. It’ll be a little hard to pull my favorite moments when ‘Curriculum Unavailable’ offered so many, so bear with me if the structure is a little Crazy Town Banana Pants:

  • Troy’s casserole was a lovely mix of Bagel Bites in a deconstructed Hot Pocket, glazed with Doritos. The good folks at Epic Meal Time would be proud.
  • John Hodgman as Dr. Heidi. ‘Nuff said.
  • Mork (of Mork and Mindy) is adorable weird, while Robin Williams (present day) is crazy weird.
  • Abed’s Ramp of Weird (as I shall call it):
    -Fear of daylight savings time
    -Calling Shirley a ‘bad person’ for calling Brad Ratner the ‘new Spielberg’
    -Narrating Pierce’s sandwich eating
    -Taping Annie at 4:30 in the morning…but who wouldn’t?!
  • The Group’s Journey to Crazy Town Banana Pants (again, as I shall call it, partial credit to Pierce):
    -Britta on Peyote, which oddly reminded me of an extra from some forgotten Tim Burton movie
    -Annie incorporating herself into ‘Troy and Abed in the morning’…without Troy or Abed actually present
    -Jeff’s OCD with his coat at the Wiggin Out Dance
    -Troy bringing his new 4-wheeler to school and completely misunderstanding what ‘off terrain’ means
    -Shirley stealing her boy’s toys as a punishment/Troy thinking the 2nd place karate trophy somehow makes him unstoppable
  • Miss Adventures? Take that back, their adventures are very manly!
  • Abed’s Don Draper still makes Annie swoon.
  • Star Wars and Space Treks?! Really Shirley?
  • The Messedup-ness of Greendale (you get the point by now):
    -Baby Talk Class (How to make the ‘wuh’ sound poster included)
    -Human chess is used to determine parking for the job fair
    -Advanced Breath Holding Class
    -There is a celebration for 10,000 Flushes
    -Can I Fry That? Class…just don’t say ‘fries’
    -Rufus the junkyard dog in the study room
    -Ladders Class

  • The Good (aka Dean) Parts of Greendale:
    -Personalized fire alarm warnings (“Dean-a-ling”)
    -The Dean sent Darcy home for stealing Annie’s look
    -The Dean rescued six slices of pizza to avoid any depression on the missed chance to enjoy Pizza Day
    -The Dean’s personalized song for the group, which reminded me of the Dunder Mifflin Ad song
    -Winning at paintball means free tickets to see Chicago, starring George Wendt and Stefanie Powers, at the Greendale Civic Center
  • We got to see the group in an asylum…again. We got to see Annie and Abed makeout…again. But most importantly, we got to hear Troy, Abed and Pierce sing Baby Boomer Santa.
  • Garrett was the mastermind behind the missing pen? Perfect.
  • Troy’s face when Jeff slaps him. I need this .gif and I need it NOW. (Update: Thank you Internet!)
  • The Oddities of Chang:
    -Chang snorts Cheez-Its, or whatever faux-cheese snack product that was he was snorting
    -Chang uses Neil to act out Minority Report
    -Chang tasers himself….again…and again
  • Wait if the group isn’t playing paintball anymore, does that mean…more paintball episodes?!


“Yeah, good thing I came up with this idea for potluck dinners.” – Pierce
“Pierce, all you said is ‘I’m hungry’.” – Shirley
“Well, all Henry Ford said is ‘I need a ride’.” – Pierce

“You think a guy becomes a cop because his prom night was a dream? If this were Comic-Con I’d take a bullet for that kid, but here in the real world, trespassing is a crime.” – Cop

“60 dollars?! Hello? Rich people? Troy is joining you. Yes, I’ll hold.” – Troy

“My hunger is fireman suspenders.” – Pierce

Quotes (Troy and Abed in the Morning edition)

“Talk to us lonely hearts.”

“Hey Jeff, what’s your question?”
“Who is this?”
“Great question, we’re us.”

“Well Jacks and Jills, that’s about all the time we have tonight.”

“Until next time, may your dreams be sweet and your nightmares be spooky monster scary and not grandma died scary”

Nicole is a TV junkie and TVDM helps her feed a lifelong addiction. She can be found here, providing biased commentary (sprinkled with a few Pop Up Video-esque insights) on her favorite shows, every week.

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