modern family recapping: tableau vivant

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Phil can’t sleep because he needs to figure out how to fire Mitchell, who has done a lazy job as the agency’s lawyer. He’s a stress blinker and terrible at confrontation, which is clear when he starts his firing speech with “I love you.” Phil goes to Mitchell’s house in the morning to tell him he’s been fired. But there is a miscommunication and Mitchell believes, though he doesn’t want to continue his favor by working for Phil, that Phil is praising him.

When Mitchell shows up at the office a little later Phil realizes the miscommunication and fires Mitchell as he gets trapped in the elevator, where he remains for the rest of the day while the office talks smack about him. While Phil and Mitchell have a dispute over Mitchell’s work ethic, Claire and Cam have one over parenting methods, now that Cam is no longer saying “no” to Lily.

Jay and Gloria

Jay takes Gloria to a restaurant he frequents often to try the sandwich they names after him. Gloria however is more interested in how much the waitress Maxine (played by Beth Grant) knows about Jay. She becomes mad and tells him she doesn’t like the sandwich. Later Manny explains that she is probably feeling jealous. Knowing what the feeling is, since she’s never experienced it before, helps her get over it and indulge in the “Jay Pritchett sandwich”.

Alice Alex is trying to impress her art teacher who has yet to be impressed by her and can never remember her name. For her latest art project she will be using her family for a live art interpretation of Norman Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving”. The family argues throughout the display and Lily ruins it anyway by reaching for the turkey. Luke receives a medal from the school for putting out the fire he started. Manny rats him out to Claire, who makes Luke return it.

Luke and the fire

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Phil trapping Mitchell on the elevator and firing him there.
  • Gloria realizing what jealousy feels like.
  • Claire making Cam think Lily was about to turn on the garbage disposal while his hand was stuck.
  • Luke starting and putting out the fire.


Cam: “You don’t know terror until you have to stare down the eyes of a Missouri state trooper and talk your way out of a PUI.” (plowing under the influence).

Phil: I haven’t felt so nervous since I tried to break up with Claire 20 years ago.
Mitchell: You can’t get fired from a favor!

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