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So we’ve had pillow forts, blanket towns, alternate realities, and collegiate coups…it’s only right that we get some good ol’ fashioned 8-bit gaming. Some of my favorite eppies of Community are the ones where reality takes a back seat to imaginative awesome and this one definitely followed suit. The study group has to figure out a way to beat Cornelius’ game “Hawkthorne” and Pierce’s half-brother Gilbert (Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad and Once Upon a Time) to get Pierce’s inheritance. During the retro voyage we learn essential lessons about: racism, robbery, murder, suicide, infidelity, child labor, and teamwork. Count me in!

  • Gilbert’s mom was referred to as the “Colored Seductress”. (Note to self: Use immediately!)
  • Kill the jive turkeys before they multiply!” –Ronald Reagan Britta
  • Why did Troy’s character jump the highest and do flips in the air? Racial buffs, I suppose…?
  • I’ve never played a game where you could kill yourself by getting buried alive. Yeah it may be a tad morbid but Pierce trying to off himself was priceless.
  • I feel like we missed out on some debauchery on “Gay Island”. At least we know Jeff “did good in there”. Dean Pelton missed all the fun.
  • Troy and Abed shooting lava! ” Bonus points for Troy’s mechanical T-Rex with projectile vomit lava.
  • I’m still not sure how I feel about Pierce getting naked with Troy while no one else was around…
  • Seeing those trees cut down in order to build Abed and Hilda’s Castle(s) reminded me of FernGully ):
  • Even though Gilbert had all the ultimate cheat codes enabled why was ‘Unlimited Running” on the list TWICE along with “Testicular Fortitude” AND “Intestinal Fortitude”? He activated “God Mode”, I think that would cover all the necessary bases…


Man, why can’t my mom be here? She always says my video game knowledge would come in handy, I never believed her.” -Troy

Stop playing like a girl? Here’s the thing about women, Jeff: We don’t hack and slash our way through life because we’re one with life.” -Britta
*Meanwhile in the Zelda-esque shopping center* “Shirley, help me hide the body.” -Annie

Where are your clothes?” -Abed
Pierce taught me poker…I’m not…good at it.” -Troy

Unbelievable. Jeff bet all our lives on Britta and won. And I lost my pants to a pair of nines.” -Troy

Uh-oh. He’s playing the “Rainman” card, let’s bounce.” -Pierce

She can make babies for me.” -Abed
Oh, and I can’t?…I can’t.” -Troy

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