thoughts on the newsroom: the 112th congress

Previously on The Newsroom: News Night 2.0

  • Will apologizes to his viewers for having a hand in the biased news he has been reporting.
  • Don and Maggie breakup (again!) and Neal (Dev Patel) convinces Jim to try to build a relationship with her.
  • Charlie is in a meeting with Leona Lansing, the president of the network, discussing Will’s seemingly irrational on-camera demeanor.
  • Will has begun a new method of revolving door dating which upsets Mackenzie. She then begins a relationship of her own which startles Will.
  • Leona informs Charlie that she won’t hesitate to fire Will is his new on-camera agenda doesn’t change.
…From this moment on we’ll be deciding what goes on our air and how it’s presented to you based on the simple truth that nothing is more important to a democracy than a well-informed electorate…We’ll be the champion of facts and the mortal enemy of innuendo, speculation, hyperbole and nonsense…Who are we to make these decisions? We are the media elite.” -Will McAvoy

Anchors Away? What Will doesn’t know just might hurt him. Charlie might be able to defend Will when it comes to Leona’s son but she clearly is an entirely different beast to quell. It’s honorable that Will wasn’t afraid to own up to his mistakes as a professional but, usually, for every noble action in today’s society there seems to be a consequence. Will, Mackenzie and everyone in their newsroom have a collective agenda that seems like a no-brainer: Report the news as it is. Without bias. But we all know successful big business thrives on swayed perspective–at least you should. I’m eager to see how Will reacts when Charlie gives him the news but I don’t see Will as the type that backs down. Someone might be heading to the Principal’s/President’s Office…

Running the Gamut: From New York Jets cheerleader to a neurosurgeon. Will McAvoy doesn’t discriminate…when it comes to getting revenge on Mackenzie. Clearly Will is one to hold a grudge but it’s apparent that he still cares about Mackenzie to some extent because he wouldn’t be going so far out of his way to get on her radar–if that’s not true then I’ll listen to objections. What Will didn’t realize what that the door swings both ways. Now we don’t know anything about Mac’s new beau, Wade, except that they’ve been dating for three months and Will doesn’t seem to be too attached to any of his “Hooter’s girls” so I’m prepared for some more heated debates and maybe some infidelity. Win!

Hi, I’m Good Guy Jim…and I’m destined to be overlooked because of some douchebag. Anyone else getting that vibe? Yes, sometimes your heart strings are more durable for a certain person for whatever reason (duration of relationship, sex, money, maybe even love…nah) but you’ve got to be able to cut the chord when things are in dire straits. At this point I’m willing to Jim if Maggie doesn’t and I don’t even like any other man-meat besides my own. The man helped her during a panic attack when her boyfriend dismisses and says “…She just needs to be left alone…” . Also, shame on you Maggie’s roommate, Lisa (did the Simpson girls grow up?!), for letting your friends steal Maggie’s Xanax. For shame!


The newsroom turned into a courtroom when I decided the American people needed a f—ing lawyer.” -Charlie (to Leona)

You’re in second stage of the A-Anxiety Table of Army Field Manual FM2251: New Infantry Adaptation to a Threatening Situation.” -Jim
I’m in midtown Manhattan, Gomer Pyle. You’re in Fallujah.” -Maggie

I never knew what the word ‘smug’ meant until I met you.” -Maggie
You’re 26 years old and you didn’t know what ‘smug’ meant until this year?” -Jim
Right there.” -Maggie

You have ink on your face.” -Will
I WORK WITH PENS!” -Mackenzie

Stop breaking up. Learn how to have a fight.” -Jim (to Maggie)

Next time on The Newsroom: I’ll Try to Fix You

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2 thoughts on “thoughts on the newsroom: the 112th congress

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  2. avgeorge says:

    What is the name of the song playing in the background of the bar when Neal and Jim are discussing Maggies breakup? Starts at about 36:30 and continues for about a minute

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