fall 2012: tv shows that will be (or should be) cancelled

Last year, we accurately predicted that shows like Work It, The Playboy Club and Pan Am would flop. We didn’t understand the appeal of Revenge (that has since changed) and doubted Whitney (that will NEVER change), but we can begrudgingly admit that we were wrong and they’ve both successfully secured a second season. The following new shows are a mix of those we want to see cancelled immediately and those we don’t think have a chance in hell of making it past an episode or two. Two things of note: NBC clearly failed to impress us and yes, Chicago Fire and Elementary are considered picks to win and fail. We’re fickle like that.

Go On

“I want to like this one because of the love affair I began with Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing on Friends, but his last attempt Mr. Sunshine didn’t work out. Here’s hoping Perry can make his comeback, but I don’t think this is it, (here’s hoping!)”kris10alyse

Premieres on NBC, September 11th (Tuesday) @ 9/8c

Animal Practice

“Being toted as a “House-esqe + monkey” does not sound like a winner to me. This added to the fact that people know it solely as “that one show NBC showed after the Olympics instead of Muse and The Who” will equal very low ratings in my book.”emilymorita

“With every annoying Animal Practice commercial interrupting the Olympic coverage (including their Gabby Douglas/gymnastic monkey commercial gaffe), I started to hate this show a little bit more. I’m hoping the rest of America agrees with me on this one.” –nmnelson

“The one with the monkey. The one that interrupted the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony. Yeah, good luck, show. You’re going to need it.”saidhayley

“I love Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin, Weeds). He’s funny, quirky even. Coupling all that quirk with Annie’s Boobs was a cute idea, but not quite enough to convince me that this show wont’ end up being a mark on Kirk’s record as well as another bad decision to go along with all the other bad decisions NBC seems to enjoy making.”nicolewritenow

Premieres on NBC, September 26th (Wednesday) @ 8/7c

Do No Harm

“I just hate the picture they use in the ad, therefore I will root for this to fail. I’m petty like that.”kris10alyse

Premieres on NBC, Winter 2013 (Sundays)

Chicago Fire

“Yes, this is a Dick Wolf show and those tend to have some longevity. However, this is also NBC. They have a special talent for making me fall in love a show and then cancelling it after one season. After after they cancelled my faves Trauma and Mercy, I’ve learned not to grow too attached to anything.” –nmnelson

Premieres on NBC, October 10th (Wednesday) @ 10/9c

The Mob Doctor

“I like Jordan Spiro and I thought this could be a good pick for fall. But I thought it would be a comedy…not so much.” kris10alyse

Premieres on FOX, September 17th (Monday) @ 9/8c


“It seems that CBS wants to compete with BBC’s award-winning Sherlock by adding a few twists of their own: modern setting! A female Watson! I’ll have to agree with the Brits on this one: let’s keep it classy, with a few modern twists. There’s nothing worse than having an adapting so different from the original that the only thing that remains the same as the original are the names.”emilymorita

CBS has essentially taken the entire concept of BBC’s Sherlock (complete with modern retelling and snarky lead), imported it to New York City, and changed the affable John Watson to eye-rolling Lucy Liu. I just dislike this on principle. Maybe it will be good. Maybe what we really, really need is another “unorthodox” pairing of a male and female crime-fighting team. Maybe.”saidhayley

Premieres on CBS, September 27th (Thursday) @ 10/9c

Beauty and the Beast

“This show is being marketed as “a modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist.” Plus a beast? And of a course a pretty girl who is both a braniac and a bad ass. Of course. I can’t run away from this show fast enough.”saidhayley

“When Beauty and the Beast was a TV show in the late 80s, it did well, we’re talking cult classic status. This won’t be like that. This will fail. The only saving grace is that it will fail on a network where shows like this are expected.”nicolewritenow

Premieres on The CW, October 11th (Thursday) @ 9/8c


Want to know what shows you should check out? These are our picks for the new fall season.

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2 thoughts on “fall 2012: tv shows that will be (or should be) cancelled

  1. Olivia says:

    I completely agree on your assessment of Animal Practice…I cannot fathom it making past the first few episodes, let alone a whole season.

  2. […] couldn’t wait to see in the Fall 2012 season, as well as among those we’re sure will be cancelled. Unlike some of the other new shows, Elementary isn’t a sure bet for quick […]

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