big brother 14 winner: did the jury make the right vote?

Big Brother 14 has been an interesting season. It wasn’t quite as exciting as BB6, but between Willie’s expulsion from the game and Dan making move after impossible move these last few weeks, this will definitely go down in Big Brother history as a noteworthy season. We’ll look at how each jury member voted and who won, BUT FIRST, let’s take a look at the final three (and how right/wrong my first impressions were):

Dan Gheesling: After losing Jodi on Day 1, I didn’t think Dan would last long as a coach. This was further solidified when he lost Kara on Day 13. Fortunately, the “twist” reset the game and Dan came in as a player. For awhile, he played a relatively honest game. He only went along with the plan to get rid of Janelle after he realized the coach alliance would never happen, he was loyal to the Quack Pack, but most of all, he was loyal to Danielle. Then came ‘Dan’s Funeral‘, which was the move of the season. He got Frank, who was his biggest enemy in the house, to get him removed from the block. The rest of the season flowed like pure poetry for Dan. He wanted Frank gone? Frank’s gone. He wanted to split up Danielle and Shane? Shane’s gone too and Danielle indirectly helped him do it! No one can deny Dan played everyone in that house with ease. He won the first round of the HOH competition, but did he ultimately become the last HOH?

Danielle Murphree: My first impression of Dani was that she “could be a floater” but also had “the potential to join the right alliance and surprise people by winning a few competitions.” Although she wasn’t a floater, there’s no way she played her own game. For the most part, Dani was an extension of Dan. Her biggest move was getting Janelle out and even that had little to do with the game and everything to do with very personal feelings. Everything else was either inspired by or a direct order from Dan. The Quack Pack was the right alliance, she most certainly shocked people by her ability to win a variety of competitions and in the end, she at least made it to the final three, so kudos for those accomplishments. However, trusting Dan (the player who lied to her the most) and accidentally getting rid of Shane (the player who lied to her the least…in terms of the game) was her stupidest move of the season. Did she win the next two rounds of the HOH competition or was she the final jury member after Dan screwed her one last time?

Ian Terry: (Full disclosure here, I voted for Ian as America’s Favorite House Guest and went into the finale really wanting him to win!) Ian spent half the game as the third wheel to Frank and Boogie’s bromance, followed by being the third wheel to Frank and Ashley’s showmance. He was the nerd and Big Brother fanatic who no one in the house quite vibed with, until he had the idea to form the Quack Pack. His biggest move was formulating the plan to get rid of Boogie, but he screwed that up a little when he let Boogie (and subsequently Frank) know that he was mastermind behind it all. Between the way he stood up to Frank and clinched a very important POV competition, it was obvious that the kid has more than book and BB smarts, he has heart. Ian’s likeability factor was definitely a bonus for him this season and he went into this final three with what he believed was a very solid final two deal. Did Ian find himself facing off against Dan in the third round and was it enough to land himself a spot as the last HOH?


Dan somehow convinced both Ian and Dani to throw the first round. Ian had a better strategy and won the second round. Finally, Ian absolutely destroyed Dan and won the final HOH. He evicted a bitter (and slightly disgusted) Danielle and decided sitting next to Dan was the best decision.

At the jury house, the former house guests had a pretty fair discussion when weighing the pros and cons of the final three. Shane gave Dani way too much credit when he assumed she was in on the plan to evict him, but there was still no clear indication who he, or anyone else for that matter, was throwing their vote in the end.

During the live show, the jury members questioned Ian and Dan. They both behaved pretty childishly, including cutting each other off and making annoyed facial expressions every five seconds, but of the two, Dan did most of the heavy-lifting in the jerk department.


In the end, the vote was 6-1: Danielle (Dan), Shane (Ian), Jen (Ian), Joe (Ian), Frank (Ian), Ashley (Ian) and Brittany (Ian)

Ian is the Big Brother 14 winner and taking Dan to the end was his last great move of the season. He deserved to win, completely. As that lovable, adorable dork noted, he played with only one life (to Dan’s three) and made it all the way through the game. He didn’t “mist” anyone. He didn’t host any funerals. He didn’t have a “Danielle” to do his bidding. He just played the game with strategy, while maintaining as much integrity as possible, and it paid off. Dan’s ruthlessness would have been a stronger selling point if he had been up against a certain house guest who made it just as far in the game but only because he wanted it that way and not because of their own game play (aka Danielle).

Ian was underestimated very early on because he lacked social graces that can be very important in the early part of the summer, yet he still made it happen. Knowing that he’s a super fan and this is the best moment of his life only makes it that much sweeter. I 100% agree with the jury’s vote and I’m honestly disappointed Danielle let Dan play her to the very end. Whatever, 6-1 is still a landslide victory!

Also, Frank won America’s Favorite House Guest. Good. He was a great player. But America, did he really need another excuse to stay unemployed.?




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