revenge recapping: destiny

Previously on Revenge: Reckoning

Searching through the wreckage you wonder who they’ll find. Until you see keepsakes from Jack’s boat and know that this is a different wreckage than the one we expected. Flashback to three months prior and a few months closer to where we left off. Amanda is tied to a pole and being assaulted by wave after wave. Jack is trying to escape Amanda and their baby that’s about to drop. Daniel and Ashley are cozy and Charlotte has finished 60 days of sober living in a rehab facility. And, as far as everyone knows, Victoria is dead.

Emily’s exercise of drowning is mean to invoke memories of her mother, which it does. So she heads back to the Hamptons to continue her search, grabbing her trusty sidekick Nolan on the way. Conrad has asked Daniel to invest his entire trust fund in the the company as a showing of good faith. But given the circumstances of his mother’s death Daniel decides he’s not investing anymore of himself in the company.

Emily, Daniel, and Ashley

This is so not awkward…

Emily and Nolan visit the hospital where Emily’s mother was a patient. They find the visitor sign in sheet and discover the name Charlotte Clarke as having checked in to visit Emily’s mother (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, Weeds) a few days before Emily’s father was arrested. Emily immediately deduces that it was Victoria who had something to do with the disappearance of her mother. In order to get more information Emily must get close to the Grayson’s again, this time by means of her half sister Charlotte. After visiting Charlotte at the clinic, she promises to attend the art auction and a memorial for Victoria. While there Charlotte’s doctor, who had escorted her to the party, claims that Charlotte’s blood tested positive for drugs. Charlotte, scared and certain that there is a conspiracy, rushes to Emily and whispers something in her ear.

Flash to Victoria as she opens the door to a pissed off Emily. (Side note: I knew she couldn’t be dead). Emily informs Victoria of Charlotte’s fears and Victoria does not doubt the truth of them. One phone call from the doctor to Conrad reveals what Emily, Victoria, and Charlotte suspect. Conrad is paying the doctor off so he can get his hands on Charlotte’s trust, he’s such a swell dad. Emily swipes a clam figuring from Victoria’s house and has Nolan place a camera inside. When Emily delivers what she found on Charlotte’s doctor she replaces the trinket.

Jack comes to visit Emily who expresses concern about his naiveté in trusting Amanda, prompting him to ask her for a paternity test. Amanda furiously plots how she is going to convince Jack that this baby is his, because I’m sure it isn’t. Nolan, who is now living with Emily, has been diligently monitoring Victoria. So far, it’s a total snoozefest, but then…the White Haired Man (still haven’t gotten his name) appears. He is now working with Victoria. On what exactly, I’m not sure. But I am sure we’ll find out.

Emily and hot dude

The next time you try to be the white knight to my damsel in distress again it’ll be even hotter when I slam you against the wall.


  • My mind will be blown at least a dozen times this season, probably more.
  • Emily and Jack will eventually have that steamy moment we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Charlotte, with the help of Emily will break out of her prison, I mean clinic.
  • Hot dude (Aiden, played by Barry Sloane) who “saved” Emily from drowning, will throw a wrench in the Jack, Amanda, Emily, love triangle making it a square.


Nolan: “All that’s missing are the flesh-eating zombies.”

Takeda: “It’s not the ropes that bind her. It is her fear.”
Aiden: “She’s not afraid to die.”
Takeda: “Mortal fear is not the only fear.”

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