how I met your mother recapping: the prenup

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Happy Couples

No I love you more….BORING, get to the goods.

Four couples, all madly in love, all perfectly happy, in real life it doesn’t last long, on a TV show it’s lasts about a nanosecond. By the end of this episode of HIMYM, one of our happy couples would no longer be a happy couple. Make a wager, though I think we all know where this is going….

Barney’s co-worker Arthur Hobbs (who still doesn’t remember Marshall!) suggests that he get Quinn to sign a prenup. In true Barney fashion it is the most ridiculous prenup ever written and includes pillow fights, body part visitation rights, and fines for gaining weight. Furious Quinn vents to the girls, who all think Barney is being a pig… what else is new? (though I do love him). Barney vents to the guys about Quinn’s reluctance and though the guys see Barney’s side of it, they also know that is not the kind of shit that flies with women. All couples, at bed time, get into a fight about how they would change their current landscape of their current relationship. Nick wants no more TV during sex. Victoria doesn’t think Ted can just kick Klaus out without discussing it with her first. Marshall wants to be able to play with his son he sees fit.

pillow fight

What every guys thinks/wishes/hopes girls do at sleepovers…among other things

Furious they all vent to each other the next day and the women create some medicine to be dished out by the gallon. Quinn’s prenup is just as ridiculous as Barney’s and includes a penis ring shock collar. The guys show up for solidarity and Arthur, somehow, ends up being the voice of reason (all thanks to Tugboat). Asking each couple to discuss what is actually upsetting them. After all is said and done, three couples go home happy and one is left, unable to let go of the piles and paper, rules, and contingencies between them. Quinn and Barney realize, they don’t trust each other, and they breakup. No worries though, we flash forward to Barney discussing the legendariness of his wedding, and find out that this time, getting married to Robin, he doesn’t need a prenup. AWWWWWWW!

Best/Funniest Moments

  • News anchor Robin winking to real life Robin.
  • Marshall participating in a game of football as an infant, the only way an infant can, as the ball.
  • Ted so nobly stepping up as the hero.


Lily: “What are you bitches doing here?”
Marshall: “Lily! ”
Lily: “Oh he’s napping.”

Robin: “Oh Hero Ted, he loves that move.”

Lily: “Marshall this morning you thought a ghost made your toast. ”
Marshall: “I didn’t put the bread in there, you didn’t put the bread in there!”

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