revolution recapping: no quarter

Previously on Revolution: Chained Heat

I increasingly feel like Revolution is focusing on the wrong part of a very intriguing story. It’s analogous, in my brain, to a show featuring the mildly thrilling adventures of Samwise Gamgee’s teenage kids instead of . . . well, you know. I get that flashbacks should be compelling, but when the flashbacks themselves begin to eclipse the entire show, I think we might have a problem.


Nora introduces Miles and an eternally bland Charlie to the resistance – a ragtag group lead by a morally confusing priest. The militia finds them, but Nora’s sniper rifle from the previous episode gives the resistance a slight advantage. Somehow Jeremy, the leader of this batch of Monroe’s men, gets captured and reveals a “shocking” secret: Miles helped start the Monroe Republic. Miles turns himself in to Jeremy and the militia, but Nora explodes a bridge and Charlie shoots a bag from 10,000 meters away (or something like that) to help him escape.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Aaron arrive at Grace’s house too late. The house is empty, but both of their spidey senses tell them that something “very bad” happened there. Aaron complains about being a billionaire and then losing all his money when the world lost electricity. Suddenly, Ben’s necklace turns on, and Grace’s house has electricity for about ten seconds.

In flashbacks, we follow Miles and Bass (aka soon-to-be-super-evil Sebastian Monroe) in the weeks and months immediately following the blackout. The two military buds are on their way to Chicago to reunite with Miles’ brother Ben. Through their eyes, we see the lawlessness and utter deprivation of humanity that reigns in the wake of the blackout. When they come across two men beating up Jeremy for his money, Miles surprises Bass by coldly killing both of the attackers.

Talking Points


So I like my science-fiction heavy with moral dilemmas and conundrums. Revolution has been teasing me with slight nibbles of such wonders – amongst a larger batch of nonsense. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Flashback Miles killed both of Jeremy’s assailants. It demonstrates a dangerous streak of utilitarianism that I heartily appreciate. Maximizing the good doesn’t always mean maximizing life, as the John Stuart Mill that lives in my head would say (I’m allowed to wax poetic about philosophy every now and then, okay?) Now all we need is a stark Kantian advocate. I was rooting for the priest, but he’s kind of weird. I don’t understand his religious or moral stance on forgiveness, especially considering Miles is technically a criminal against neither God nor country.


I honestly can’t decide how I feel about this show. It’s clearly ridiculous, but at the same time, it’s gradually pushing the boundaries of conventional action shows and presenting an increasingly complex story. I’m imagining there’s this one guy in the writer’s room who has this phenomenal idea in his head, but everyone around him keeps making little changes and adjustments. Just let him work! I need this show to reach its full potential – at least until The Walking Dead returns in two weeks and I can get my fill of excellent post-apocalypse fair.

Character Development 101

At its worst moments, Revolution at least makes me laugh. The character development is halting, and almost every scene of exposition is hilariously painful. Poor Nora and Charlie might actually be played by competent actresses, but the lines these girls are forced to utter (to presumably reveal more about their complex characters) are just silly. At least, they get a leg up in the wardrobe, hair and makeup, and butt-kicking department.


NBC has picked up Revolution for a full season!

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7 thoughts on “revolution recapping: no quarter

  1. nicolewritenow says:

    Charlie is definitely ‘eternally bland’! I want to like her. I want to care if she lives or dies, and I want to get invested in how she deals with losing two parents and her journey as she searches for her brother. Sadly, I could care less. Even her little forbidden love affair isn’t enough for me!

  2. saidhayley says:

    Thank you! I’ve been feeling slightly bad about my ongoing vendetta against Charlie our pretty (boring) heroine, but if you agree as well, then the vendetta continues. Until someone in the writing room gets the memo 🙂

  3. Emily Morita says:

    Thought you were exaggerating about the “10,000 meter” crossbow shot. Clearly not. I think the overall plot is getting slightly better, and the acting/dialogue is slowly going downhillll

  4. Hailey says:

    You’re not the only one going back and forth on whether you like this show. I was talking to a friend I work, and we’re both doing the same thing. The plot has been evolving as the show goes on, but the characters are definitely lacking. Things have been a little disappointing so far, but since they ordered an entire season Revolution might be able to develop Charlie a little more and turn Revolution around.

    • saidhayley says:

      I sure hope so, Hailey! After investing so much time into this show, I’m going to be severely disappointed if we just keep getting more of the same. And Charlie has so much potential! Looks? Check! Cool weapon skills? Check! Character more complex than a cardboard cut-out? Hmmm…

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