30 rock recapping: the beginning of the end

Liz holding baby

Holding this bundle of blankets makes me feel like I really made something of myself…

And the final season begins, with Liz Lemon holding a baby and claiming that she finally has it all. Nope, that was just a scene for TGS. She doesn’t have it all, but she’s “trying”. Jack is embracing his power and developing countless new series, which Liz, in an act of support says are good ideas, until she realizes Jack’s tanking the network. She confronts him and he admits to it. He tells her his brilliant plan, tank the network so Hank wants to sell. Jack has an interested buyer who will let him run things the right way, lined up. Liz doesn’t see how it could possibly work.

Jenna and dead doves

If you thought godzilla was a nightmare….

Jenna and Paul are getting married, in case you forget, Jenna is here with a box of dead doves to remind you. She selects a VERY reluctant Liz as her MOH. And the more details and requirements and obligations Jenna throws at Liz the more reluctant she grows. But there’s no way out….or is there. Liz takes a cue from Jack, and decides to tank it. Her plan works, except that Jenna goes all Hulk on her ass and Liz almost gets a beat down. Lucky for Liz, within that pile of rubble she sees a light and begins to rebuild, suggesting that Jenna be her own MOH. Jenna accepts the proposition.

Tracy and Hazel

Why is this white woman sitting in my lap?

Kenneth is having some trouble with Hazel. Seeking advice he turns to Tracy, who tells him to treat Hazel as his queen and know she is always right. Hazel takes advantage of Tracy and Kenneth’s relationship and invites Tracy over for dinner with the intentions of seducing him for a movie role, any movie role really. Tracy doesn’t take the bait, but when he tells Kenneth what happened Kenneth has a hard time not taking into account what Tracy said before. Sweet, simple-minded Kenneth comes to the conclusion that both Hazel and Tracy are right.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Jenna’s Matrix-esque/He-Man/Teen Wolf/sparklespire-ish leap to attack Liz
  • God Cop…all of it.
  • Homonym…all of it


Kenneth: “You’ve never been wrong about anything before.”
Tracy: “It’s a blessing and a purse.”

Kenneth: “Why is he learning anything? He’s supposed to be God.”

Liz: “Before this I ran an all women’s theater company…everyone was vice president.”

Jack: (talking to Liz) “So, how was your hiatus? Start with what puzzles you did.”

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