how i met your mother recapping: nannies

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: The Prenup

You mean it’s not a real festival?

Barney is handling his split from Quinn with maturity and grace by holding the first annual Bangtoberfest. In case you weren’t sure, Bangtoberfest is just Barney’ s clever way of celebrating October and his return to singledom. But, it backfires. All the pick-up lines have been used and used again, it’s all too easy and unsatisfying. You would think, maybe, this would be a cue to Barney that he has evolved. Nope, it just means he has to come up with a new and better method. Cue Marshall and Lily.

Lily and Dad

I had no idea that you became a bum because I had to go to school…

They’ve been searching for a nanny and have yet to find one they like, since most are crazies or lazies. Finally they find a nanny, Mrs. Buckminster (who resembles Mary Poppins) and you can see the relief and joy in their eyes, until they find out Mrs. Buckminster’s salary. Eventually they find a nanny who is suitable and within their price range. It was all going to work out, until Barney stepped in. His new manipulation method includes holding nanny interviews and then sleeping with them. Happy Bangtoberfest!

Lily is furious, but Barney makes up for it by offering to pay for Mary Poppins. But no matter how awesome Mrs. Buckminster is, Lily can’t let go of Marvin, not for a stranger anyway. And then her dad steps in and reminds Lily that he was the one who took care of her all the way until she went to preschool when he developed a gambling problem. He offers to care for Marvin the same way, minus the gambling problem. And as we learn via a montage from “a little ways down the road“, he follows through.

What did Ted and Robin do this episode? Oh yeah, that’s right. They argued over whose relationship was better. Which we all know means none of their relationships are that great. It was uneventful, especially since we know both relationships are doomed.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Marshall and Lily crying on Mrs. Buckminster
  • Victoria messing up Ted’s apartment in five seconds flat
  • Barney’s nanny interviews
  • Barney sleeping with Mrs. Buckminster

Ted: “Victoria keeps tampons at my apartment. ”
Robin: “Damn it!”

Barney: “That blonde at the bar looks as loose as my molars.”

Marshall(in excitement over toy car track): “Does anyone have six 9-volt batteries?”

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