revenge recapping: confidence

Previously on Revenge: Resurrection

emily and aiden

get your finger out of my face or I’ll bite it off…

So the white-haired man is dead, and Emily is pretty pissed about it. Even more pissed that the shooter was Aiden, who we find out later she was involved with until he left her in the maze. When Emily is angry at you, it’s definitely not a good thing. She ends up clocking him over the head and leaving him in a dumpster with a ticket back to Japan. I’d guess it was a one-way.

The Grayson’s are in the middle of a media storm…surprise surprise. Daniel is still uncertain about all the circumstances, but you know Daniel, he’ll figure it all out just a little too late. When Daniel does finally figure out the truth, he declares his hatred for his mother. But Emily warns him to keep it to himself and beat Victoria at her own game. Queen Victoria has asked Emily to stay away from the family, because it’ll be easier for everyone involved. With that in mind Emily uses Amanda to get close to the Grayson’s during their storm. Long story short, Amanda’s involvement get publicized and since it was against Jack’s wishes he breaks up with her. Poor Amanda, I can’t help but feel like she will be coming back to bite Emily in the ass.


But Jack, I’ll never let go

So, now that Jack is single again do we think Emily will hop on that bandwagon…probably not. I see Aiden in her immediate future.

Nolan is working together with his new CFO, Padma, who so clearly has a thing for him and is confused about who Emily is in his life.

The twist of this episode…the White Haired Man (or Gordon Murphy, as we now know) was involved with Emily’s mother. Romantically? Professionally? Friendship-ly (not a word I know)? We aren’t sure, but I bet she won’t be too happy when she finds out Emily’s ex-lover (and soon to be lover again) shot him dead.


Conrad: [to Daniel] “My boy, at this moment there are things in play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.” NAILED IT!

Aiden: “Are you going to take the head or the feet?”
Emily: [knocks him out with wine bottle] “The head.”

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