happy october 19th

Troy and Abed, along with the rest of Greendale’s favorite (but not only) study group, give a brief “explanation” why Community fans have been denied the October 19th season four premiere date we were promised. As just a tiny example of why the fans of this show remain so incredibly diehard, the cast and writers took time to demonstrate this love fest is a two-way street.

And for those of you complaining that although Animal Practice was cancelled, Whitney was the one to replace it, consider this: We want Community to return to Thursday nights or at least a night where it will be in the general vicinity of high-rated, NBC favorites. Getting paired up with Guys with Kids isn’t a good move (some might even say it would truly be the darkest timeline, outside of actually getting cancelled of course).

Let that, as well as this video, warm your hearts on this dark October day.

“Why not put October 19th on the 19th of October?”
“That would be logical Britta, but wrong.”

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