how i met your mother recapping: who wants to be a godparent?

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: Nannies

The whole gang at mclarens

What are we looking at?

With a nanny chosen, Marshall and Lily now have a babysitter whenever they want. They’re first order of business McLaren’s for an all night rager. Oh wait nope, their time away from Marvin will be much needed alone time. It’s during this alone time, while strolling through the streets of New York, that they realize life is a death trap. With Marvin, they now see the importance of appointing a godparent.

Marshall’s mom? No go. Lily’s Mom? Um, no. Lily’s Dad? Thanks but nooooo thanks. Marshall’s brother? Maybe, oh wait nope, he left his family and moved to an island. Three contenders left and there’s obviously only one way to handle this. With the game show: WHO WANTS TO BE A GODPARENT?

The game is pretty even with Barney, Ted, and Robin all playing their strength how they would handle a particular situation. Until Ted snaps and claims he’s the obvious choice, and then the friendly game turns into an argument and ends with Barney, Ted, and Robin accusing Lily and Marshall of being bad friends, then leaving.

Marshall and Lily feel justified, but soon come to realize that just because they have Marvin, that doesn’t mean they can neglect the other important people in their life. They join Ted, Barney, and Robin at McLaren’s and close the bar down, just like old times.

Barney, Robin, Ted, who wants to be a godparent?

Do you really want one of these idiots raising Marvin?

And who is the godparent? Ted, Robin, and Barney will share that title when it comes to baby Marvin.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Robin explaining why Marshall and Lily are no longer around
  • Ted’s Infosaurus sock puppet
  • Little Marvin all suited up in any Barney hypothetical situation


Barney: “If Ted raises him the poor kids still gonna be a virgin when he’s 13. I’m the obvious choice.”
Robin: “Hey look, as the only one here packin’ a va;g I got a natural instinct for nurturing and crap like that plus I could teach him how to bow hunt.”

Barney: “Barney Stinson how may I direct my penis?”

Ted: “If called upon, I’d be honored to raise Marvin.”
Robin: “If you want him to be raised by his underwear on a flagpole, Teds your guy. If you want him pulling the cord on some other nerds panties, I’m your guy.”

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