new girl’s best quotes: models

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“I so excited. I shake this thing that my momma gave me. Yolo.” – Nadia, who doesn’t know what Wilmer Valderrama looks like


“I’m going out tonight with CeCe and her model friends, and I’m going for promising ballerina turned streetwalker.” – Jess
“You have too much joie de vivre. OK? You want to look a little more bored. Tired. Just altogether disengaged.” – Schmidt
“More tired. More sick like. Really let your bones prop you up.” – Winston


“…I should be able to deal with the fact that they think I look like a monkey…from a Russian cracker ad.” – Jess
“The only time a man is allowed to think about another man is when that man is Jay Cutler.” – Nick
“If I could give you that cookie back, I would. Nothing would make me happier than to throw it up, mash it into cookie shape and shove it down your throat.” – Nick
“You wanna momma bird me the cookie?!” – Schmidt
“You realize I say goodnight to you every night and you never say good night back? What is the problem Nick? Do you not want me to have a good night?” – Winston
“I can’t go around saying good night to everyone and buying people cookies. I am not a titan of finance sir.” – Nick
“What’s going on? Did you guys watch porn together again? Why do you keep doing that? It’s always awkward!” – Jess
“You can’t say ‘butt drinking’ and then not explain what it is. It has two of my four favorite things!” – Nick
“Well Nick, I’m out of tears. Plumb out. All that’s left is just yellowish good. That’s right Nick, goo.” – Schmidt

“Who’s your favorite rapper?” – Nick

Brian Austin Green.” – Schmidt
Also, hearing Hall and Oates’ You Make My Dreams Come True play during the Ford presentation reminded me of (500) Days of Summer, then I thought of Summer, which led me to hate Zooey Deschanel for the rest of the episode.
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